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  1. tony bertauski

    Ryan, stop fucking around with the blog and WRITE ANOTHER BOOK! Loved Technicolor Ultra Mall. Fucking loved it. Sorry to see it end. Even more sorry to see you haven’t published anything else. I just finished, will get a review up on Amazon (if that matters), found this blog in the meantime. The end.

    1. Ryan Oakley

      Thanks for your kind words and, yeah, reviews always help.

      It’s not the blog that slows me down. (I have written another book and am about halfway through the first draft of another.) My main goal after TCUM sold was to get an agent. Mainly, so I can withdraw from the business side as much as possible and just concentrate on the writing. I did manage to find representation that I’m happy with (also moved to America, where I’m now writing full time) so things should be picking up.

      I wish I could tell you when another one of my books will be out but fucked if I know. I just keep my head down and try to get the work done.



  2. TW

    I came across Grumpy Owl today..Love it. I got online today to rid myself of online dating, FB .. I want my sanity back and some peace of F*** Mind.

    Thanks for sharing; super funny and straight to the point. Thanks . You made my day.


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