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Apr 08

Apex Predator Suit and Shoes Made From Human Hair and Teeth

apex predator

This is the Apex Predator suit and shoes. The suit is made from human hair and glass eyeballs. The shoes are made from leather and real human teeth. And this is why I should have been born a billionaire. One of the reasons, at least. The suit and shoes were designed by fine art duo …

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Apr 06

Bird-Witched – Chicken Stilettos by Masaya Kushino

bird-witched04-670x435 Masaya Kushino

These chicken inspired shoes by Masaya Kushino are amazing. I would love a pair. If I can’t have a pair, I would love for my wife to have a pair and kick me in the face with them. Stomp up and down my chest and back. Step on my throat and cluck. Spoon & Tamago …

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Apr 05

Eye & Ears: The Innovator

A glimpse of one of the guys from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen. The Innovator from Cineastas on Vimeo. Mike Friton is a freelance shoemaker, weaver, paper sculptor and innovator with over 30 years of experience at Nike. His innovations are responsible for many elements of athletic footwear that people wear today. Each of his crafts informs …

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Feb 18

Bespoke Boots

Bespoke Boot

I just picked up my new pair of bespoke boots made by Peter Feeney, who is working out of the dungeon at  Trend Custom Tailors. These are heavy duty. I’ll be using them for work and putting about 30-50 km a week on them. They’re going to be worn and worn hard. In doing this …

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Dec 04

Couple of Quick Items

ryan shalome worn

Have to get to work but wanted to post a couple items. First off, another review of Technicolor Ultra Mall is in. This one from Innsmouth Free Press. A cover blurb says this is the kind of thing Philip K. Dick would be writing today. To me, its plot of gangs and music and media-induced …

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Sep 16

Bird Inspired Shoes by IVLISA


These are semi-bespoke bird inspired shoes by IVLISA [flash, sound, be wary] and passed to me by Xenia of The Nouveau Shanty. One has a hard time looking at them and not fantasizing about being kicked in the throat. The leather sole caresses your cheek, the feathers tickle your Adam’s Apple. You’re lulled into a sense of aroused quiet, then BAM! That elegant …

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Jun 03

Bespoke Oxblood Shoes

Custom Lasts Shoes

I have my first pair of bespoke shoes. These were made by Peter Feeney, who apprenticed in Italy and is now working out of my tailor’s shop. They feel great, look great and the whole experience was a pleasure. The experience started with a series of foot measurements and then the ordering of some custom …

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May 12

Mexican Pointy Boots

Ridiculous? Sure. But any more so than high heels?

Oct 15

Philip Sparks: 8-Hole Lace Up Boots


During my most recent closet purge, I tossed out quite a few pairs of shoes.  This left me with two pairs for work, one pair of slippers and three pairs (in the fundamental colors of black, brown and silver) for leisure. A perfectly fine base but a collection that I wished to carefully expand. I wanted a …

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Jun 21

Shoe Shine

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