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May 14

Brief History of Roman Purple


I’ve read a few things on purple over the years. This piece by Mark Bradley is one of the best. By way of introduction Saturated Space, who he wrote it for, says: Purple was, in a number of ways, the most important colour of classical antiquity. It was the colour of one of the fastest and …

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Apr 06

Bird-Witched – Chicken Stilettos by Masaya Kushino

bird-witched04-670x435 Masaya Kushino

These chicken inspired shoes by Masaya Kushino are amazing. I would love a pair. If I can’t have a pair, I would love for my wife to have a pair and kick me in the face with them. Stomp up and down my chest and back. Step on my throat and cluck. Spoon & Tamago …

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Mar 26

Rebel Set: Beatniks to Hipsters to Transreal Sci-Fi


Another article on the mythological hipster. I know, right? Wank-yawn-wank and whoever thought a wank could be so boring? But the article, Cool for Sale, From Beatnik Bongos to Hipster Specs, is on Collector’s Weekly so it’s kinda okay. That is, it’s not the usual standing on the front lawn waving a cane around. It has …

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Apr 07

Street Style Pics of the Hate Crime(?) Worker

ryan oakley at work

‘What Ali Wore’: A Fashion Blog Dedicated to the Most Dapper Old Man on the Planet: Just about every day, Zoe Spawton takes a picture of Ali, an 83 year old Turkish tailor, living in Germany, who has 18 kids and a sense of style. Word of Ali’s new-found fame has even reached his native …

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Sep 07

Kitchen Themed Hats

Sep 04

Daring Mens Fashion Show in 1951

Outrageous Male Fashion Show in 1951! Male models show off leopard print underwear and skimpy beach clothes at this very progressive 1950s fashion show in a very intimate setting. Fashion designer Dale Cavana narrates the show, explaining his camp designs. Cavana had a shop on Kinnerton street with a predominantly gay clientele. via Anna Krentz

Aug 10

Dandy Haze: Vogue UK

dandy haze

The one above is the only one I like but more pictures are here.

Oct 02

Away Mission to the Suburbs

grafic launch woodbridge

I never turn down an opportunity to travel to the suburbs. While quite a few of my urban cohorts view the regions outside Toronto with disdain, I see them as exotic foreign climes. Perhaps because, unlike a lot of people in Toronto, I’ve never been native to one. I grew up in a village and moved to …

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Jul 10

Catalytic Clothing: Nanotech Fashion to Reduce Pollution

The Catalytic Clothing Dress Incorporates elements of lungs, which breathe, and cement, which already includes the technology, into its design.

Catalytic Clothing is a fashion innovation that’s meant to clean the air using nanotechnology. Professor and designer Helen Storey and scientist Tony Ryan have collaborated to add a photocatalytic process to fabric. This process requires Titanium Oxide and UV Light. When these two interact, the combination aggressively breaks down volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and ammonia, turning them into carbon dioxide …

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Jun 19



I saw this photo essay by Simon Wheatley (before clicking – be aware of your volume – autoplaying music!) years ago, when grime was both late and current and what I was listening to. Looked for it a while back but couldn’t find it then just bumped into it today. London’s public housing projects are …

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