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Oct 12

Bowerbirds Use Illusion

When building the nest that attracts their mates, male bowerbirds use carefully placed trinkets and interesting designs to show off. The Great Bowerbird also uses a forced perspective illusion only visible to females. They place the biggest objects towards the rear of their courtyard and the smallest near the front. John A. Endler says: “The …

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Oct 03

British Style Genius: Timothy Everest

Timothy Everest is a British tailor with a a modern touch.  He apprenticed under the famous Tommy Nutter (tailor to the Beatles and Rolling Stones) and is a leader in ‘The New Bespoke Movement.’  The above video is an edit of British Style Genius.

Oct 01

Trikoton Converts Audio into Clothing


Trikoton will convert your voice into a sweater.  It’ll look something like this. According to Co.Design: “The technology here is an audio-signal processing program that converts speech into the binary code of a knitting pattern. Then an old mechanical knitting machine — hacked with microcontrollers and small engines to respond directly to computer-generated code — …

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Sep 15

The Naked Closet

naked closet

Of all the things I had to toss out in the past week, the very easiest to deal with was my clothes.  It might be because I didn’t have to toss any of them out. I had already rationalized my closet.  It’s been purged of everything except bespoke and work uniforms.  Though it will doubtless continue to …

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Jul 02

Pictures of a Man in the Flare

ryan oakley g20 fence

As I take people like Oscar Wilde, Cicero and Friedrich Reck-Malleczenwen as my models of political dissent, I think it’s important to remember that even in horrible times, especially then, beauty, dignity and basic human decency are of paramount importance.  Although they are the first things to become improbable, you must never allow your better parts to …

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Mar 02

Buy Design: More Pics

Buy Design

I thought about blogging about the Buy Design campaign and the photoshoot but I can’t remember much about the shoot and I don’t really understand the charity. It supplies poor people with new clothes? Some sort of sweaters for hobos initiative? Frankly, I’m not sure I approve of that. If paupers have new clothes, how …

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Jan 28

Bespoke Cashmere Overcoat

bespoke overcoat

Winter is here, as always; Hesitant and stupid, as usual.  A cold day here, a not so cold day there and rain in January.  At least, I solved a long standing problem:  My overcoat. I picked it up from my tailor today.  Then my camera decided to go insane.  In real life, the coat is …

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Jan 25

It’s No Mystery: It’s Ugly


I detest fashion.  At best, it’s an idiot’s guide to looking like other people.  At worst, you end up looking like an idiot.  Have a look at this fellow: Featured in the Globe and Mail Style section under the title “Sherlock Holmes Style: The Mystery of the Modern Dandy” he’s wearing an ill fitting suit …

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Jan 15

The Past is a Barnacle


pic nicked from here When a ship is at sea for a long time, a bizarre species of crustacean, known as barnacles, affix themselves to the hull.  Although one barnacle does no damage, too many impair the ship’s speed and manoeuvrability.  When that happens, the ship must return to port to be cleaned, stripped and …

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Nov 10

Nice Overcoat

W_Curtis_Noyes.jpg (JPEG Image, 686×1024 pixels).

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