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Nov 08

Ron Motherfucking Washington

Ron Washington’s clubhouse speech to his team before Game Seven of the World Series has been leaked. It’s just plain amazing. But who would expect anything less from Mr. Washington? He do what he do. My favorite quotes from it: “Motherfuck golf.” “He pitch ball and ball cross plate, we gonna knock the shit outta it.” “Ain’t …

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Aug 12

The Man in White: Photographic Evidence


According to unnamed sources from an opposing team (who threw the world series in 1919) in a far-fetched ESPN article that holds up to neither statistical scrutiny nor commonsense, the Blue Jays have been using a mysterious man in white to steal signs then relay them to their batters. It sounds insane. It is insane. But then we see the photographs …

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May 20

In Defense of Edwin: Position to Fail

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

I said on the twitter that I’d given up Edwin. But like most things relayed in 140 characters, that’s not the full story. I haven’t given up on him as a player. I’ve given up on defending him as a player. He just makes it too hard. Like, fuck’s sake Edwin, break me off something. …

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May 12

Ball Girl Pwns Left Fielder

I’m pretty sure this video is impossible to dislike.

May 08

Danger on the Basepaths


pic nicked from here In baseball, safety is separated by ninety feet of danger. Touching the base, you are safe. The moment you lose contact with it, you are in peril. To score a run, you must navigate these ninety foot sections four times. If unsuccessful, you either get out or are stranded. If successful, you arrive back where you started. Home. …

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Apr 01

Opening Day: Game of Inches

Opening day for Blue Jays baseball is upon us. I’ve been waiting six months for this. Nothing that happened last season matters and no one knows what will happen this season. A decent guess puts the Jays in third or fourth place in their division but no decent guess would’ve predicted that last year’s Giants …

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Mar 21



Jan 24



As I child, I’d watch Blue Jays games with Dad. The bat cracked, the ball sent on a line into a gap for a sure double. We’d hold our breath. Devon White loped towards it. Then, somehow, he’s there. Waiting. Never seemed to speed up. Always seemed to jog. But his glove always found the …

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Jan 15

Smoking Baseball Players


The most recent round of inductions to the Hall of Fame has caused some kerfuffle  about performance enhancing drugs. What, if any, effect should using these drugs have on the HOF ambitions of the players? It makes me long for the good old days. The days when baseball was no pink tea and mollycoddles but …

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Nov 04

R.I.P. Sparky

sparky anderson

“I cannot get rid of the hurt from losing, but after the last out of every loss, I must accept that there will be a tomorrow. In fact, it’s more than there’ll be a tomorrow, it’s that I want there to be a tomorrow. That’s the big difference, I want tomorrow to come.”

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