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Apr 12

Logical Nanobots Implanted in Cockroaches


Logical nanobots have been implanted in cockroaches where they can act like a computer. Why would people do such a thing? Probably because they’re perverts. Or to deliver drugs. To other people. Who are probably perverts. In the future. Which is definitely a . . . pic nicked from here Live Science says: The experimenters …

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Apr 01

Robots Robbing Investors (Especially You, Barry)


This is from the NY Post, so you know . . . Robots aren’t just taking your jobs, they’re stealing your profits on stock trades, too. The stock market has been rigged by a group of tech-savvy insiders who are using super-computers to game trades at the expense of normal investors, journalist Michael Lewis charges …

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Mar 31

Google Balloons VS Facebook Drones

wireless war

pic nicked from here Here’s a headline that sounds more exciting than it is: Facebook’s Drones Will Battle Google’s Balloons to Spread Internet Access. I mean, you hear something like that and you picture little planes shooting at exploding balloons with the pew-pew and blam-blam and pow-pow. But no. They’ll just be battling in business …

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Mar 26

Brutalism in Web Design


A piece that give 5 Things Web Designers Can Learn From Brutalism: I don’t think it unfair to observe that as regards aesthetics, web design is a conservative field. The back end technologies that power website functionality might be in a permanent state of revolution, but at surface level the shining rationalist interfaces of the …

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Oct 21

Joseph K-Hole

giorgio de chirico

Nanotechnology skin sensor tracks eye ball motion: They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. They might be Peeping Toms. The super-flexible nanogenerator demonstrated its great potential to work as an active deformation sensor capable of detecting the eye ball movement when it was attached on the surface of the eyelid for monitoring …

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Apr 12

Digital Dinners in the Cooked World

eat light

Shit can only get stranger. The diet guarantees it. Lilac Chaser from xty on Vimeo. THE HASHEESH EATER (1857): I haven’t read this book since I was a teenager and I haven’t thought about it since the last time I was hiding under my blankets thinking through the various meanings of “I must”, “you must”, …

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Apr 07

Street Style Pics of the Hate Crime(?) Worker

ryan oakley at work

‘What Ali Wore’: A Fashion Blog Dedicated to the Most Dapper Old Man on the Planet: Just about every day, Zoe Spawton takes a picture of Ali, an 83 year old Turkish tailor, living in Germany, who has 18 kids and a sense of style. Word of Ali’s new-found fame has even reached his native …

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Nov 09

Owl Pellets: Bioterror, Predator Vision, Mine Dolphin, See Thru, Cybercrime, Surveillance and Sci Fi


Bioterrorism examined in lecture at Marshall: Using 3D printers, people should be able to hack DNA and create viruses, attacking life in much in the same way hackers and cybercriminals can attack computers. DARPA wants to equip soldiers with Android phones for ‘Predator vision’: Attach a camera to their head, let the watch the output …

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Sep 16

Hatsune Miku and Kids React to Hatsune Miku

This is the computer generated, Japanese popstar, Hatsune Miku. And these are kids reacting to the computer generated, Japanese popstar, Hatsune Miku.  

Aug 12

Software Reveals Stylistic Core of Cities


Different cities look different. A new piece of software can tell you how. It isolates the visual elements that make a city distinct. Carnegie Melon says: For this study, the researchers started with 25,000 randomly selected visual elements from city images gathered from Google Street View. A machine learning program then analyzed these visual elements …

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