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May 30

GIFs to Connect Language to Emotion


MIT students are using gifs to map non-verbal human emotions. Travis Rich and Kevin Hu have channeled animated image sharing through a website called GIFGIF, an ongoing interactive project that presents users with two GIFs at a time and asks them to choose which better expresses one of 17 emotions (happiness, anger, guilt, etc.). The …

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May 22

Google Wants Ads On, you know, Everything


Probably not the most surprising thing either of us will read today but it looks like Google wants to bring ads to everything. WSJ says: Advertising may be coming to your thermostat and lots of other strange places, courtesy of Google. In a December letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was disclosed Tuesday, …

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May 08

Realtime Worms and Germs Map for Vets

worms and germs map

Drs. J. Scott Weese and Maureen Anderson of Canada have created an interactive worms and germs map to chart the real time spread of infectious diseases in cats, dogs and horses. vin News Service says: The project aims to collect and synthesize information that in isolation may not be recognized as important, but in aggregate …

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Apr 21

Software Maps Gang Affiliations

A software to map gang connections has been developed by Emilio Ferrara at Indiana University in Bloomington and “colleagues.” Called LogAnalysis it looks at raw phone records and can determine an individual’s place in the gang hierarchy. Data like mugshots can be added. The agents can then study the data in different ways. For example, …

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Apr 19

Grid Life and The Black Stacks

GRID LIFE from Paul Fletcher on Vimeo.  The Black Stack by Benjamin Bratton The position of the User then maps only very incompletely onto any one individual body. From the perspective of the platform, what looks like one is really many, and what looks like many may only be one. Elaborate schizophrenias already take hold …

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Apr 12

Logical Nanobots Implanted in Cockroaches


Logical nanobots have been implanted in cockroaches where they can act like a computer. Why would people do such a thing? Probably because they’re perverts. Or to deliver drugs. To other people. Who are probably perverts. In the future. Which is definitely a . . . pic nicked from here Live Science says: The experimenters …

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Apr 01

Robots Robbing Investors (Especially You, Barry)


This is from the NY Post, so you know . . . Robots aren’t just taking your jobs, they’re stealing your profits on stock trades, too. The stock market has been rigged by a group of tech-savvy insiders who are using super-computers to game trades at the expense of normal investors, journalist Michael Lewis charges …

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Mar 31

Google Balloons VS Facebook Drones

wireless war

pic nicked from here Here’s a headline that sounds more exciting than it is: Facebook’s Drones Will Battle Google’s Balloons to Spread Internet Access. I mean, you hear something like that and you picture little planes shooting at exploding balloons with the pew-pew and blam-blam and pow-pow. But no. They’ll just be battling in business …

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Mar 26

Brutalism in Web Design


A piece that give 5 Things Web Designers Can Learn From Brutalism: I don’t think it unfair to observe that as regards aesthetics, web design is a conservative field. The back end technologies that power website functionality might be in a permanent state of revolution, but at surface level the shining rationalist interfaces of the …

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Oct 21

Joseph K-Hole

giorgio de chirico

Nanotechnology skin sensor tracks eye ball motion: They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. They might be Peeping Toms. The super-flexible nanogenerator demonstrated its great potential to work as an active deformation sensor capable of detecting the eye ball movement when it was attached on the surface of the eyelid for monitoring …

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