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Dec 09

The Alchemists of Kush: Review

I want to give you some background. Be patient. My reasoning will, I hope, become clear. Before I was published, I walked into Bakka Books and was recommended a novel by Minister Faust. Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad. I read it and cursed him out. It was the book I wished I …

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May 31

Cats: Canon Theatre

What a cat person should look like.

On Saturday night, while Roy Halladay was pitching his perfect game in Philadelphia, I was sitting in the Canon theatre watching Cats.  Have you seen Cats?  I have.  It’s shit. If any of my cats acted like that, I’d have them put down.  Slowly.  By a dog. There’s no point discussing the so-called plot, the …

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May 18

Orwell on Book Reviewers


As I’ve lately been a bit busier than normal, I haven’t been posting as much.  Probably doesn’t matter.  With the weather getting better, you probably haven’t been reading as much.   I have, however, been reading more paper than I have in a while.  Been through five books in the past five days and I’ve enjoyed …

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Mar 15

New and Final Theatre Review


To the right is a doodle I did while waiting for GRIMMtoo to begin.  Things like that are why I dislike people looking over my shoulder when I’m “taking notes.” Anyway, my new review for Mooney on Theatre is up.  Go have a read. It’s also my final review for the site.  I’ve resigned. The …

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Sep 14

Four John Brunner Books


About a month ago, I bought a whole whack of John Brunner books. Most of my to-read pile has been sitting idle while I’ve been enjoying these.  Around these parts, John Brunner gets jumped to the top of the line.  He’s that good.

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Jul 31

Uncle Orson's Lap


It’s funny how things work out.  Last week I linked to Moorcock’s “Starship Stormtroopers” about the disturbing, authoritarian undercurrents in the bulk of science fiction.  This week Orson Scott Card is pulling out his ray-gun and blasting gay marriage.  He calls it “the end of democracy in America.” And I had no idea that democracy …

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Jul 24

Huxley VS Orwell: Who You Got?


I’m sick of hearing it.  Orwellian. This is Orwellian and that is Orwellian and everything is just so 1984.  Doublethink, Big Brother, Newspeak: George Orwell certainly gave us a glossary.  But, instead of inspiring thought, his novel has now become a shortcut to thought. It’s a shame.  It was a good novel.

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Jan 31

Book Review: "The Indian Clerk" by David Leavitt

One would imagine that historical fiction about mathematicians would be exciting. But it really isn’t. “The Indian Clerk” by David Leavitt is not a bad book. It just could have used a mischievous space-monkey or a diabolical panda-bear. Failing that, some suspense would have sufficed. It tells the true story of the mathematician, Ramanujan, who …

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Jan 10

Grumpy Can Pick a Winner!

I’m surrounded by some talented fuckers. And I’m always happy when other people agree. Otherwise things look a bit suspicious and that bothers me. For example, I wrote some nice shit about Jeff Lemire, who drew my header and the pic to the right, and he wrote some nice shit about me. So people could …

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Jan 06

Book Review: "Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact" by John Cornwall

I like history with a moral but John Cornwall’s “Hitler’s Scientists” has too much of a moral. It’s a decent but disappointing book. About the Nazi scientists, he asks: “Were these cases of Germans behaving according to type as Germans? Or scientists in Germany behaving according to type as scientists?” There are risks to being …

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