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Feb 17

Seven Raymond Scott Ringtones

raymond scott

I’m a big fan of electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott.  While his strange sounds didn’t meet with much of an audience during his lifetime, they seem perfect for this modern age of beeping devices.  I chopped up a few of his noises and made ringtones out them.  The mp3s are below. raymond scott raymond scott …

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Jul 18

Banana Rocket

Limited Edition – Banana FP Rocket By Lunartik JOnes on Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Like most people, I’d often noticed that rockets look like cocks and cocks look like bananas but I’d never noticed that rockets look like bananas. This toy from Lunatrik has changed that. It’s eight inches of hand-painted, limited edition, potential dildo.  …

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May 18

Robot Skeletons of Toys


Matt Kirkland has a fascinating page with pictures of stuffed toys and their robotic interiors. Some of these are pretty creepy. Each toy contains some nightmare version of itself. It’s cute –They think they’re people!

Mar 02

Foul Owl and Pickles

Some days I go to the internet and some days the internet comes to me. Fugitive Toys sent me a link to this little creature and his pet. I’m hoping they’ll also send me the toy. I’m a great believer in something I once read: “ASS, GRASS OR CASH. NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE.” It’s …

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Aug 26

Make a Laser Espionage Device

Laser Espionage Microphone (how-to) – Click here for this week’s top video clips

May 04

My Bear

Is it strange for a full grown man to sleep with his childhood teddy bear? I think so. That’s why Barney gets the bed and I sleep on the floor.

Mar 06

Gloomy the Bear

I was going to post about Ad Astra here but I already did that at BlogTO and I have to do another one tommorrow about Cory Doctorow so – fuck it. I will, however, post about a little pink fellow that I bought there. “Gloomy the Naughty Adult Bear” designed by Mori Chak and made …

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Jan 31

Madvillain Doll

I bought the Madvillian action figure today. (Who am kidding? It’s a fucking doll. I like to play with dolls.) And I bought two. One for me and one for X. She’s a fan and there’s a limited supply. Stones Throw is already sold out and I had to be on a list at Magic …

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Sep 30

Russian Power Boots

Apparently the Russians cannot run into a hail of enemy gunfire fast enough. So they’ve invented the Powerboot. While shoe improvements in the decadent west have been gimmicks – think Nike Air and Reebok Pump – these Russian things are powered by biofuel. In them, you can run 25mph and take strides of about 12 …

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Jun 16


Maybe it’s true that people mellow with age. I know that I’m a lot less likely to climb a wall, be arrested or get tossed from a bar than I was just five years ago. Yet I think this has more to do with perfecting my special brand of debauchery than it does with chilling …

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