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Nov 29

The New and Fancy Urinal Games

From The Atlantic: U.K. TESTS OUT URINAL-BASED PEE GAMES.  You’ve gotta scroll down like half a page for this but video games are being installed in urinals so men can play with their piss. I can hardly think of a more concrete example of new media at work. A simple function which was private and imaginative …

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May 13

Action Chess Set Allows You to Build Robot Piece

action robot chess

Joe Larson has made a chess set that allows you to assemble its pieces into a giant robot. Digital Trends says: For the most part, Action Chess is a pretty standard Chess set. Both the pieces and board exhibit a kind of utilitarian simplicity that is at once functional and attractive. If you want to …

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Oct 31

Gaming With Pain

The long held human dream of inflicting post traumatic stress disorder on ourselves in the comfort of our own homes has come a step closer to fruition. From Singularity Hub The Gadget Show, airing on Channel 5 in the UK, recently embarked on creating the most true to life simulator for first person shooter games ever built. They …

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Jul 03

Alex Varanese – alt/1977: We Are Not Time Travelers

the art of alex varanese – alt/1977: we are not time travelers. Alex Varanese looks at modern products through a 1977 lens.

Feb 04

"Strangers in Paradise" Second Life Documentary from CBC


Whatever happened to good old fashioned opium? These days people are uploading their lives, not into a solitary hallucination but into a shared network of fantasies. According to the CBC documentary, Strangers in Paradise, this effects relationships in the raw world.  Marriages are breaking up, children are abandoned and Mom becomes a biker’s bitch.  Basically, …

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Nov 17



I can’t claim to be a huge Pacman fan.  It was a bit before my time.  As a youth, I remember that he had been all but replaced by Miss Pacman and, besides, my favorite video games were on the newfangled Nintendo Machine.   I did play some of the arcade ones but I think it …

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Sep 23

Blue Jays

The Blue Jays season is drawing to a close. And yes I know that they’re now called “The Jays” but they’re still the Blue Jays to me. Even if they don’t play like it. They certainly had a pretty bad season. At the start I thought they could do well as long as they didn’t …

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Dec 13

Civ 4 and the Realpolitik

I love video games. Especially the Civilization Series. Some people –crazy people– think that the hours I spend playing Civ 4 are a waste of time. I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve learned a lot from this game. Here’s a few pieces of wisdom about the realpolitik that I’ve picked up: 1. Oil is a perfectly …

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Oct 12

Just a Heads Up to My American Friends

I know you’re probably busy watching your baseball. I like baseball too. (Go Tigers!) And it was fun to watch the Yankees, er, crash and burn. But Hockey season has started. I just figured that you guys should all know that our national anthem up here isn’t that “Oh Canada” nonsense. Most of us don’t …

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Sep 26

Domi Vs. Stronach – Battle of the Genitals

I did not post when Tie Domi retired. But, thankfully, he is back in the news. This time it has nothing to do with hockey. It’s all about Canada’s second love; politics. Apparently, Mr. Domi has been engaging in congress with Belinda Stronach. The lucky bastard. There are few fantasies that I hold as dear …

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