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Apr 13

Owl Pellets: Skimming the Electronic Cupcake Voices of Quantum Disgust

seperation anxiety

It’s been a decent few weeks around here. I took some time off from writing. Bought a new coffee table, moved some furniture around, and drove my wife crazy until I figured that, for the sake of staying married, I should maybe stop with the taking some time off writing thing. Besides, I was getting …

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Dec 13

Mushfaked Fever Bot

ryan oakley ppp2

Some days, you just want to straighten your tie and go all in with the Tories from The Heliopolis Club. Just give up. Buy a plane and a camera. Upload photos to The Mapping Occult Cities Conference. Find an orbit and decay. I’ve had a fever. Been a bit drained. Although I’m feeling much better …

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Nov 18

Your Own Suicide Drone Pigs to Order (Ectocism)


If I had  half a goddamn brain in my stupid head, I’d probably break these posts up into individual posts and put them up a couple times a day. Do it in some sort of timely manner. DRIVE TRAFFIC and ALL THAT SHIT. I just can’t be bothered. Am I post-traffic?  Post Traffic Stress Disorder? …

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Nov 08

Owl Pellets (Killing Fields)

psychedelic suicide

Design and Violence: MOMA is looking at design and violence. Design and Violence is a curatorial experiment that explores the manifestations of violence in contemporary society. Pairing the critical thinkers we most admire with examples of challenging design work, we intend to present case studies that will spark discussion and bring the ambiguous relationship between …

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Nov 01

Owl Pellets: November 1, 2013 (Instant Tentacles)

people are of no value

  Why Shopping Malls Are Confusing: While it doesn’t really explain why they’re also totally disheartening, this is a nifty little link: The Jerde transfer refers to shopping center design that is intentionally confusing and overstimulating. According to the sociologist Giandomenico Amendola, “Amplification, bombardment of the senses, entertainment, are the means by which City Walk …

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Oct 19

Owl Pellets: Poe, Swarm Bots, Broken Robot Legs, Cockroach Farm

bug face

I actually left the house the other day. (And not just to howl at the moon or mark my territory along the perimeter of the yard but to, you know, go out.) I attended a book club meeting put on by the Alt + Library. We were discussing Edgar Allan Poe at the new Helvetia …

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Oct 18

Owl Pellets: Oct 18


KCPD uncovers subterranean suburb on northeast side: This is pretty old (April) but I just bumped into it in my bookmarks and don’t remember ever reading it. There was an underground suburb used by the homeless in Kansas City. One wonders how many of these are spread over the country. Self-Medicating is Common for Animals: …

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Sep 15

Applaud the Glowing Robot Christian Hipster of the Ancient World’s Twitter


Now that everyone has had time to read through all the archives and the links in all the archives and the links in those links while reflecting on the amount of time and effort I’ve put into this thing without ever seeing (or wanting to) see a cent from it, I guess I’ll roll out …

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Apr 08

Swarming Robots Over Gold Bones

skeleton rampage

ROBOT COCKROACH SWARM unleashed in Sheffield lab: If you’re ever under some rubble just take a deep breath and relax: Any minute now, robotic cockroaches will swarm over you. The medical benefits of a programmable group of nanobots are pretty obvious, but the swarm could also have military applications such as search and rescue operations …

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Apr 04

Owl Pellets: Ballard Documentaries, Nuclear Nevada Noise, Fukushima View, North Korea’s Environmental Collapse, Nuke Worries, Mars


Six Ballard Documentaries: I haven’t seen any of these (maybe The Atrocity Exhibiton? – can’t remember) but I’ve been sitting on it for months so, here ya go. Enjoy. If you’re into that sort of thing. Ever heard the sound of a nuclear bomb going off? Historian unveils one of the few surviving audio recordings …

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