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Oct 15

Sexual Tension Email

An old email sent to my job from a female customer.  It’s about me and was forwarded to me by my boss.  I have taken the liberty of changing her name. Hello, I have been to your restaurant several times and absolutely love it. The food and service is wonderful and I always leave full …

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Aug 20

Another One of Those Nights . . .


A picture of me last winter, maybe the winter before. I’m not sure. Taken by ShoMerde.

Sep 09

The World Stays The Same; The Mind Changes


pic nicked from here Give me a shovel and a piece of earth and I’ll happily dig a rut until you bury me in it.  Adventure is for bored people just as fucking is for horny ones.  I find the careful maintenance of my routines to be adventure enough. Yet change does occur because change …

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Jul 29

Slow Night at Work

Me at work.

Pic by John MacDonald

Aug 25

Hair in Food = Six Months in Jail


I’ve worked in restaurants for a while and I’ve often heard the stories about cooks intentionally putting things –gross things — into people’s food.  But I’ve only heard these stories.  I’ve never done it, never seen it done and don’t think I know anyone who would actually do it.  Most people recognize that doing such …

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Mar 18

Ryan Oakley/Grumpy Owl/Green Hornet

The fall out from the whole “Pay Your Bill” episode has been odd. For starters, I wasn’t even expecting any fall out. I just figured that one could make a complete spectacle of themselves on Queen West and no one would even notice, let alone care. My mistake. People apparently do notice these things. Tables …

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Mar 17

Pay Your Bill

I had a dine and dash tonight. My first one. The fellow comes in somewhere between five and five thirty in the evening. He orders a margarita and tries to engage me in conversation. Unless I’m in an exceptionally good mood, I avoid engaging the customers beyond the basic pleasantries. It leads to trouble. And …

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