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Jul 29

Foucault’s Dandy

dandy death devil

  Of the vaporization and centralization of the Ego. Everything depends on that. – Charles Baudelaire Modern man is not the man who goes o to discover himself, his secrets and his hidden truth; he is the man who tries to invent himself. – Michel Foucault A 1992 paper by James Mark Shields called Foucault’s Dandy: Constructive Selfhood …

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May 17

Language of Thought

disturbed design

An interesting little piece called: Do thoughts have a language of their own? The language of thought hypothesis. It seems to me inner speech is clearly a private language, at least in some of its utterances. This language is so rooted in the unique self that an eavesdropper, could there be one, would not fully …

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Apr 09

Zizek Essay: Corporate Rule of the Internet


Popular stand-up philosopher, Slavoj Žižek has an interesting little essay on Corporate Rule of Cyberspace. My favourite part: There are two tell-tale words here: abstraction and control. In order to manage a cloud, there needs to be a monitoring system which controls its functioning, a system which is by definition hidden from the end-user. The paradox is thus …

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Dec 22

Illustrated Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord


I’ve put some hours in and made an illustrated, tumblr version of Guy Debord’s 1967 book The Society of the Spectacle. You can find the first post here. When you finish reading it, simply hit NEWER and it’ll bring you to the next paragraph. Some of you are probably familiar with the book. Others of …

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Mar 31

Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?

Jan 20

Dandy Antihumanism

ryan oakley card

“The redemption of objects is impossible except by virtue of becoming an object. As the work of art must destroy and alienate itself to become an absolute commodity, so the dandy-artist must become a living corpse, constantly tending toward another, a creature essentially nonhuman and antihuman.” –Giorgio Agamben

Jul 29

Emma Says . . .


“Last, but not least, the man who probably better than anyone else understands the psychology of the Attentäter is M. Hamon, the author of the brilliant work Une Psychologie du Militaire Professionnel, who has arrived at these suggestive conclusions: “The positive method confirmed by the rational method enables us to establish an ideal type of …

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May 22

United in the Spectacle

stars of the spectacle

“Media stars are spectacular representations of human beings, distilling the essence of the spectacle’s banality into images of possible roles.  Stardom is a diversification in the semblance of life – the object of an identification with mere appearance which is intended to compensate for the crumbling of directly experienced diversification of productive activity.  Celebrities figure …

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Apr 21

iSnitch the Body Electric

cafe laptops

Honour is obsolete.  The culprit, as usual, is the modern era and its devices. A better word than obsolete might be endangered.  Due to habitat loss. It has always been a difficult value to uphold.  It’s one of duty as opposed to pleasure.  The honourable choice is very rarely the easy one. When we think …

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Apr 16

Respect the Game

empty stadium blue jays

There are few things in life as rare and beautiful as a no hitter. In the whole history of Blue Jays baseball, only one has been thrown by a Blue Jay.  It’s not something you see everyday.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen one. It’s a magical moment. The only fellow who ever …

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