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May 20

Built in Paranoia: Gated Communities and Redzones

rider of death

The UN Habitat chief, Joan Clos, has issued a warning about gated communities. “It is with increased preoccupation and sadness that we see how gated communities are proliferating everywhere. This is an expression of increased inequality, increased uneasiness in accepting diversity.” “The ideal city is not one with gated communities, security cameras, a futuristic scene …

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Apr 26

Dead Malls, Undead Cities


I get some interesting stuff from some dead mall groups and I’d like to say I was surprised to see a profile of my old local, The Crossways, making the rounds but it’s The Crossways and very little it does surprises me. Blog TO says: I don’t know about satisfying all you lifestyle (life style) …

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Mar 22

Owl Pellets: Ghost Malls, Dead Malls, Aged Malls, Mall Music and the Architectonics of Commercial Space,


Work, leisure, nature, and culture, all previously dispersed, separate, and more or less irreducible activities that produced anxiety and complexity in our real life, and in our ‘anarchic and archaic’ cities, have finally become mixed, massaged, climate controlled, and domesticated into the simple activity of perpetual shopping. All these activities have finally become desexed into …

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Dec 07

John Brunner Speaks

John Brunner according to Wikipedia: John Kilian Houston Brunner (24 September 1934 – 26 August 1995) was a prolificBritish author of science fiction novels and stories. His 1968 novel Stand on Zanzibar, about an overpopulated world, won the 1968 Hugo Award for best science fiction novel. It also won the BSFA award the same year. The Jagged Orbit won the BSFA award in 1970. He’s one of …

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Oct 15

Aurora Award Pin Arrives

prix aurora award pin

My Aurora pin arrived by mail on Friday. The Prix Aurora Awards are the Canadian version of the Hugo. My book, Technicolor Ultra Mall, was short-listed for best novel. While it didn’t win, it was quite an honour to be nominated. And congrats to Robert J. Sawyer, who did win, for the third novel in …

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Oct 09

Technicolor Ultra Mall Review in Coilhouse


M1K3Y has reviewed Technicolor Ultra Mall for the well-known and much-loved Coilhouse. A sample: Come for the ultraviolence, stay for the science-fictional mind-juice. This is a masterfully written must-read for anyone trying to understand just how this world of ours could all go horribly wrong(er). You can read the entire review here.

Jul 08



The first evening of Polaris, I sat alone in a food-court, eating a plate of General Tsao’s Fried Chicken and thinking: Is this why I wrote Technicolor Ultra Mall? To end up in a Markham hotel/mall, trying to market a nightmare of malls, marketing and television to people who are in a mall, dressed up like …

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Jul 04

Free Copies of Technicolor Ultra Mall Today

Technicolor Ultra Mall Ryan Oakley

You can get a free ebook of my Aurora Award and Sunburst Award nominated novel Technicolor Ultra Mall here today. The Sunburst jury describes it like so: “This ultra-sharp, darkly satiric, hyper-speed novel is set in a world where multi-level mega malls serves as city states and everything on the outside lies in ruin. On …

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Jun 27

AE Reviews Technicolor Ultra Mall

AE Canadian Science Fiction Review

AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review has reviewed Technicolor Ultra Mall. I don’t want to call Ryan Oakley’s 2012 Aurora nominee A Clockwork Orange 2.0. There are so many other ways to describe it: it’s raw and bloody; beautiful and horrific; staccato like a machine-gun; and as fresh as it is familiar. His homage to Burgess’s 1962 classic could …

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Jun 26

Technicolor Ultra Mall Shortlisted for Sunburst Award


Technicolor Ultra Mall has been short-listed for a Sunburst Award. The Sunburst jury says: “This ultra-sharp, darkly satiric, hyper-speed novel is set in a world where multi-level mega malls serves as city states and everything on the outside lies in ruin. On the lower red levels, gang violence and media saturation and bio-tech designer drugs rule. During …

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