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Jul 24

Dysco by Simon Russell

Dysco from Simon Russell on Vimeo. Dysco is a 3D experimental short by Simon Russell about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state. To view the making-of go here: To watch a live demo version of Dysco go to: To find out more, download free clips and 3D models from the film …

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Jun 18

THEY KNOW IT – second parassitosis

THEY KNOW IT – second parassitosis from Scars [Video Project] on Vimeo.

Jun 11


Just a little bit of afternoon tv. Telemotions from NYX on Vimeo.

Jun 10

“She Know Karate” by Priscilla G

Priscilla G Karate Music Video from Upstairs Records on Vimeo.

Jun 05

Lobo and the Metal Owl


I’ll get to it. But first, let’s catch up a little. I’ve ordered some stuff through the mail or the internet or whatever it’s called and it’s started coming in. Actually, I think it’s done coming in. First of all, I got a new pair of shoes. And while I was looking at those, I …

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Jun 04

“Moon Attracts All” by ispace Inc.

I’m not sure that this video is call “Moon Attracts All” (actually, not sure is mild, I have no idea at all) but that’s what it’s about. Well, that and a cockroach going to the moon. The two-minute video begins with a cockroach struggling in a trap, before it surprisingly rises into the night sky, …

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Jun 04


This is a look at all the nuclear explosions on Earth between 1945 and 1998. It’s kinda long but totally worth it. It’s like watching nations speak to each other. Isao Hashimoto: “This piece of work is a bird’s eye view of the history by scaling down a month length of time into one second. …

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May 30

GIFs to Connect Language to Emotion


MIT students are using gifs to map non-verbal human emotions. Travis Rich and Kevin Hu have channeled animated image sharing through a website called GIFGIF, an ongoing interactive project that presents users with two GIFs at a time and asks them to choose which better expresses one of 17 emotions (happiness, anger, guilt, etc.). The …

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May 30

Atari Cartridge Glitch – Beat Experiment

Atari Cartridge Glitch – Beat Experiment from Serge Maheu on Vimeo.

May 29

10 Cryptolects

A cryptolect is a secret language meant to exclude people who do not speak it. They’re an important part of humanity’s ceaseless quest to outsmart┬áthe po-po’s, known to the marks as the don’t knows. Listserv has a list (hmm wouldn’t have expected that) of 10 Secret Outlaw Languages. Well worth a read.

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