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Sep 07

Plonked Spectral Video from the “RiSP-CD” 2012

Plonked Spectral Video from the “RiSP-CD” 2012 from Richard Devine on Vimeo. RISP is Richard Devine’s algorithm-based exploration of generative time structures for analog synths. If you missed limited vinyl boarding pass worry not — gain 3 additional original richard devine compositions plus five remixes by Loops Haunt, Vaetxh, Subjex, Valance Drakes & Balkansky with …

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Aug 13

The Bob Monroe 24 hour Out of Body Experience News Network

This is basically how the news looks to me all the time except this makes more sense. The Bob Monroe 24 hour Out of Body Experience News Network from Jeremy Couillard on Vimeo.  

Aug 10

Mountain canvas sadness

Mountain canvas sadness from Yohannaā¯„Ovalle on Vimeo. Transparent feeling with The Andes Mountain and midi from Abba song “The winner take it all”

Aug 10

Internet Feels // Issue no.1

Internet Feels // Issue no.1 from Sofaboy on Vimeo. Videozine (Issue no.1) Artists Philippe Blanchard & Peter Rahul “Chroma Crypt v1.0″ Music by : Nyetscape – Escape Jamopi “A texas sunset” music by : Octopus project – Beds Tachyons+ “His Love” (sofachips edit) music by : bbrainz – Death at miyagis Noir77 “When its Dark …

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Aug 09

The Birth of Noise

I don’t know what gives people seizures but I should warn you, this seems like it might so, if you’re prone to that sort of thing, maybe give it a pass. The Birth of Noise from Morgan on Vimeo.

Aug 08


LGFUAD from Kelsey Stark on Vimeo. Winner Best Undergraduate Animation – Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010 LGFUAD Suburbia numbs the mind, and rears death within us. I have injected LGFUAD with the eerie discomfort I find within myself, stemming from the obsession I have with the relentlessness and tension that pulses through suburban youth. It …

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Aug 06

Some Pics From Vegas


The wife and I attended a Star Trek Convention in Vegas. I wrote a thing about it. Rather than post it here, I sent it over to my agent. I dunno. Maybe he can sell it. If not, I’ll put it up here. If so, I’ll link or whatever. In the meantime, here’s some pics. …

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Jul 26

Fornax Void – Wintermute

Fornax Void – Wintermute from Video Wizards on Vimeo.

Jul 25

GERMAN ARMY – Crooning Ignorance

GERMAN ARMY – Crooning Ignorance from Moduli TV * on Vimeo.

Jul 24

Dysco by Simon Russell

Dysco from Simon Russell on Vimeo. Dysco is a 3D experimental short by Simon Russell about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state. To view the making-of go here: To watch a live demo version of Dysco go to: To find out more, download free clips and 3D models from the film …

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