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Apr 19

Grid Life and The Black Stacks

GRID LIFE from Paul Fletcher on Vimeo.  The Black Stack by Benjamin Bratton The position of the User then maps only very incompletely onto any one individual body. From the perspective of the platform, what looks like one is really many, and what looks like many may only be one. Elaborate schizophrenias already take hold …

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Apr 19

Domestic Drone Threat Inflation

Drone Shadow 001 by James Brindle

An interesting piece from Forbes about how the threat of drones, like cyberwar, is being inflated. My first thought, and maybe yours, was: Try telling the Yemenis who were murdered today or any Pakistani wedding party that the threat from drones is inflated. See how far that shit gets you. But, thankfully, the article is not …

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Apr 02

Cute CCTV Cameras by Eleanor Trevisanutto


Eleanor Trevisanutto designed CCTV cameras to look like animals for the company Parson to make surveillance less intimidating. The perch, which holds the wires, is made to look like a branch and the camera is hidden behind a black screen. These come in a variety of shapes. There’s something particularly creepy about cute and harmless looking …

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Mar 26

Brutalism in Web Design


A piece that give 5 Things Web Designers Can Learn From Brutalism: I don’t think it unfair to observe that as regards aesthetics, web design is a conservative field. The back end technologies that power website functionality might be in a permanent state of revolution, but at surface level the shining rationalist interfaces of the …

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Nov 18

Your Own Suicide Drone Pigs to Order (Ectocism)


If I had  half a goddamn brain in my stupid head, I’d probably break these posts up into individual posts and put them up a couple times a day. Do it in some sort of timely manner. DRIVE TRAFFIC and ALL THAT SHIT. I just can’t be bothered. Am I post-traffic?  Post Traffic Stress Disorder? …

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Nov 09


This is one of the best science fiction short movies I’ve ever seen. It takes you through about forty years and a person’s life in about a minute and a half and only using their objects. Things from Albin Ljunghusen on Vimeo.  

Oct 22

A Rude Dismissal of Rex Murphy’s Idiocy


You usually don’t need a digital crystal ball to see the future. Sadly, you only need to look at the past. You can see the present in it.   Elsipogtog: “Clashes” 400 Years in the Making: Corporate media coverage creates ignorance, which enables violence:   “NB protest turns violent,” a CBC headline solemnly proclaims. 1,280 …

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May 26

Hitler Learns Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford Smokes Crack

via Unrevealed

Apr 07

Street Style Pics of the Hate Crime(?) Worker

ryan oakley at work

‘What Ali Wore’: A Fashion Blog Dedicated to the Most Dapper Old Man on the Planet: Just about every day, Zoe Spawton takes a picture of Ali, an 83 year old Turkish tailor, living in Germany, who has 18 kids and a sense of style. Word of Ali’s new-found fame has even reached his native …

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Feb 27

La surconsommation

La surconsommation from Lasurconsommation on Vimeo.

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