Dec 05

Owl Pellets: Evolution of Douchebags, Nightmares, Tim Maughan, 25 Years of GIF, Burgess Lecture


Style Evolution Of The Douchebag: This slideshow follows the douchebag through the 50s to the modern era. Just what comes next for our roaring cousins? Literally no one knows.

Henry Fuseli’s Nightmarish Visions: This guy does some of my favourite images of nightmares.

Interview with Tim Maughan: Tim Maughan speaks about the state of science fiction and his own writing. As usual, he gets asked about the cyberpunks. Although he cites them as an influence, I find this comparison peculiar and lazy. I detect very little of cyberpunk in his writing. This is a good thing. (All your punk are just instragrammed nostalgia for The Modern Fashionasty.) If I thought his writing was cyberpunk, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. Their 30 year old vision of computers and society have become restrictive. Chuck it all out, I sez. Start again.

GIFS IN MIAMI: The GIF is 25 years old.

The Burgess Lecture: Dominic Sandbrook on A Clockwork Orange (part 2): A short lecture on A Clockwork Orange and the mixed but generally lukewarm reception it received when first published and some reflections on how well it fit into the time it was written.

On the Headphones:

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