Dec 04

Owl Pellets: Mumbai Bespoke, Trauma DNA, Robot Surgery Fad, Deceptive Robots,

Among the bespoke tailors in stitched-together Mumbai: Mumbai has a long tradition of tailoring, which is under threat from ready-made.

First proof that childhood trauma changes DNA permanently (Video): Trauma causes a permanat change to the  FKPB5 gene which controls reactions to stress and regulates the entire stress hormone system.

Is robotic surgery the “laser” of the 21st century?: Robotic surgeons may be a fad. Also: “Similar to the unusual complications seen with the laser, when robotic surgery goes bad, it really goes bad.” There’s already a bunch of lawsuits.

SQUIRRELS, BIRDS TEACH ROBOTS TO DECEIVE: You know, I knew we couldn’t trust those squirrels. The birds I’m a little surprised by.

On the Headphones:

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