Dec 03

Owl Pellets: Will Self on Aerotropolis, Moral Geology, Coffee, Acid, Machine

The Frowniest Spot on Earth, Will Self reviews Aerotropolis: I haven’t read Aeretopolis but it sounds like your standard sort of Ted Talk techno-salesmanship. Not reading the book shouldn’t stop you from reading this review. Will Self is insightful and interesting. The whole review is great just as a stand alone piece. Aereoplis may as well not even exist.

THE GEOLOGY OF MORALS: What I like most here is the division between a metaphor and an abstract machine. Full of chewy bits.

The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like: I like this and agree totally with it. Probably because I drink as much coffee as I like.

Acid, Chirpstory: Some fellow takes acid, goes to a frat BBQ and live-tweets the whole thing. It made my insides smile.

Alexander Vasilievich Mossolov, Symphony of Machines-Steel Foundry: An early Soviet ode to the the era of industrialization in which “the machine symbolised power and reality: its beauty, the attraction of things objective and inexorable.” In other words, the opposite of acid.

On the Headphones:

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  1. Andrea Harris

    Re airports: I always thought they were just places you tried to get out of as soon as possible, but I haven’t flown for years. Didn’t realize we were all supposed to live in them now. I used to live in the flight path of Miami International, and found the noise (and fumes) difficult to endure. How are people in these new “air cities” expected to deal with that?

    1. Ryan Oakley

      Gasmasks and earplugs. Maybe just a burlap, sand filled sack placed over our heads would do the job.

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