Nov 29

Owl Pellets: Destroy Language, Ritual Murder, Pollen, Nuclear Dog, Boredom, Costumes, Buy-Scent

Surrealism & Automatic Writing: The politics of destroying language: Language is both a system of communication and one of control.

Spectacularizing Justice in Late Medieval England: About the origins and purposes of execution ritual used against traitors. (Drawn, quartered, head on a stick, you know the routine.) I was most interested in Part 2, which deals with the actual and performative nature of the ritual.

Pollen delivers vaccine rather than a sneeze: DARPA is looking at using pollen to deliver oral vaccinations. One wonders what else pollen could deliver, about modified plant and allergy season being replaced with hallucination season.

Nuclear zone holdouts, old dog ‘Miracle’ live on: A dog who has survived in the 20-km exclusion zone has been rescued and named “Miracle.” It has all the makings of a Disney movie except, maybe, the large scale nuclear disaster and the dog living off the rotting carcasses of dead cattle.

The History of Boredom: Boredom through the ages. Annnnd, the interesting idea that boredom is a cousin of disgust – that, just as disgust selects against disease, boredom is an early warning system that selects harmful social situations and descent into depression.

So those people who think there’s no boring situations, only boring people? Aside from being insensitive clods, maybe they lack a vital perceptive ability. Either way, they’re depressing.

Style Inspiration From a Costume Designer: There’s few phrases I loathe more than ‘style inspiration.’ But these are some thoughts from Julie Weiss, who did the costumes for that new Hitchcock movie, and they can probably be transferred from the movie costume world to the daily costume world. They’re interesting. A lot of work goes into this stuff.

Using Simple Scents to Trick Shoppers into Buying: Orange works best. Our whole environment  from smell to sight to touch to sound is to ‘trick’ us into buying.

On the Headphones:



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