Nov 27

Owl Pellets: Digital Divide, MoD Global Trends to 2040, Future Retail, Augmented Reality, Brutalism Reworked

Digital Divide, Claire Bishop on Contemporary Art and the New Media: Claire Bishop writes about the effects, some surprising, that digitization has had on contemporary art. Requires free registration to read but worth the trouble.

Artforum‘s New-Media Uproar: A response to the above piece about the responses to the above piece.

DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme – Global Strategic Trends Out to 2040: The Ministry of Defence looks at the future. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet but figured I’d share it out anyway. Looks to be interesting. These documents often are.

Supermarkets without cash registers, Amazon in strip malls: the future of retail is weird: A short piece on the future of retail. Unlike many of the pieces I grew up reading on this subject, this seems to understand shopping as being a tactile and enjoyable pursuit in and of itself.

Four Perspectives On Augmented Reality And Its Future: I sometimes wonder if it’ll even have one. As it is, much of the writing on the subject makes it sound a lot like virtual reality and we all know how that went: It didn’t even catch on in gaming.

What often seems to be missing is that humans have augmented reality for as long as they’ve been humans. With incoming architectural developments, materials, basic weirdness, just how much need or desire will there be for a computational overlay?

Hard to say. But a middle ground is probably about right.

Paul Rudolph’s Brutalism, reworked, at UMass Dartmouth: For example, this seems, to me, to be a case of augmented reality that occurs in the physical world and is, perhaps, more satisfying because of it. Maybe future generations will not share my prejudice.

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