Nov 25

Owl Pellets: Guilty Pie, Suicide Grasshoppers, Computer Brain, Wifi Wallpaper, Capitalist Holiday, Warhol, Death

Guilt Makes the Pie Taste Sweeter: A dash of guilt improves the taste of pie. I suppose the guilt has to be about eating the pie and not about the man you just shot. But maybe not. Who knows? Probably the people who did the experiment.

Suicide Grasshoppers Brainwashed by Parasite Worms: There’s a parasitic worm that lives inside a grasshopper, takes over its brain, forces the grasshopper to commit suicide by jumping into water, where the worm breeds, then swims out the dead grasshopper’s ass to mate.

No, those aren’t Disney lyrics. Just the facts.

THE BRAIN IN THE MACHINE: IBM has built a giant simulation of a brain, apparently without really knowing how a brain works. That’s fine. Ambitious projects don’t always work as planned but they usually teach you a few things.

Signal-blocking wallpaper stops Wi-Fi stealing (and comes in a snowflake pattern!): Now this, I can’t wrap my head around. I’d prefer signal boosting wallpaper. (Wouldn’t anyone?) This just seems like a tinfoil hat for your house.

Capitalism’s grossest win: The final triumph of Black Friday: You’re probably pretty sick of hearing about Black Friday. I’m not. This is one of the better articles I’ve read on it. Though, when it comes to gross, capitalist holidays, Pepero Day takes some beating.

sketchbook: An interesting little piece on Andy Warhol’s art. It does contain some red-flag words (hipster, authenticity and so forth) but I think there’s something to the whole public versus private thing. (I actually wonder if that’s what people often mean by authenticity and hipster and all that.)

The strange art of death: There’s an artshow about death and a nifty film about the show with its curator. It looks good.

On the Headphones:

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