Nov 14

Owl Pellets: Garden, Drugs, Invisibility Cloak, Wall, Drone Games, The Trade

A baseball fancier in Toronto reacts to news of The Trade.

If you follow baseball, I assume you know about the huge 12 player Toronto Miami trade last night. If you don’t follow baseball, I assume you don’t know who the players are, don’t care and would be uninterested in a list of names. But there are some reasons to be interested.

For starters, it looks like Miami owner, Loria, who was responsible for Montreal losing the Expos, is pulling a similar stunt in Miami. He ripped the taxpayers off for a fortune and appears to have a business model that makes him money by making his teams fail.

It’s a shocking example of bad faith.

Or it should be. But it’s 2012 and it’s America. This deal just seem emblematic of the whole stinking mess. It’s a fucking Jenga Tower of violence and corruption. Top to bottom, a farce. There’s something old and evil in this land. It lives in the spaces between the car door and the motel. It’s in the air and in the dirt. Some vileness. Something wrong.

But that’s another story.

As a Jays fan, who had his fandom pushed to the limits by years of fucking around by Fucking Rogers, topped off with last season’s parade of stupidity and a move to California, I’m pleased as punch. I’m no longer in-market but the Jays are my club. You can’t just walk away.

It’s not that easy.

Or it shouldn’t be. The Jays were making it very easy. They were making me want to storm out and slam the door. Not because of the losing (one gets used to that) but because the team seemed, much as its detractors had often charged, unwilling to even try to win and unable to do anything right. They were acting like a joke.

The Jays needed them to break me off something. They came through.

Not only did they make the team much better, in just about the only way they could — via trades that gained them stars who otherwise would never play in Toronto– they managed to rid themselves of a chancre. A shortstop who wrote a homophobic slur on his face.

I never wanted to see Yunel in a Jays uniform again. Now, I don’t have to. That the Jays managed to get rid of him while making themselves better boggles the mind.

The team still needs to do some stuff –aside from baseball– like participate in the Pride parade, help out the right organizations and become a better part of the city it represents, but this is a nice start to the offseason. It actually gives one hope.

Not just hope that they might have reason to hope, but hope. Maybe Fucking Rogers is finally getting it right. And I don’t even have to pay them shit.

Anyway, your Owl Pellets . . .

“Wow. Everyone should be doing this!” I Agree: I’m going to garden. Still putting the money aside to get it all set up. I want to grow some food. I don’t see it as any sort of resilience issue or whatever, it’s just cheap and gives me something to do with my hands.

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On the Headphones:

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