Jun 11

Robots Are Over Half of All Twitter Followers of Businesses

According to a recent study, more than half of the accounts who follow businesses on twitter are robots.

The researcher used a random sample of 10,000 followers for each company then analysed their behaviour using software and algorithms to work out who was human.

Proper punctuation, profiles with a name, image or physical address and log-ins from different devices were indicators the user was “probably human”. Uploading photos from Instagram and other apps was also an indicator of humanity.

Dell’s Italian account was one of the worst offenders while Pepsi and Coke had¬†relatively¬†few robot followers. Which, I actually find more depressing.

I don’t expect robots to be interested in the same things as people but why would any human ever follow Coke’s twitter account? Just how lonely are people?

It’s not like Coke is hard to find or they’re going to make any big changes. It’s just coke. It’s everywhere. You drink it.

You really need to listen to it too?

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