Apr 22

John Cleese: How to be Creative

I generally dislike all forms of ‘how to be creative’ or ‘how to be productive’ or ‘five secrets to success in the arts.’ Worse than useless, these things are indicative of an output fetish. A fixation on the factory floor. A jumped up, capitalist pornography for the creative classes.

But you can make a good living selling this stuff.

When I do bother with it, which is rarely, I like to hear the thoughts of people whose primary occupation is anything other than producing a series of posts, books or lectures on how to produce things. Or, as I like to think of it, thin gruel.

John Cleese is, of course, such a fellow. Here is his speech on how to be creative.

It’s a pretty decent one (as such things go) and he emphasizes a few things that I find to be both funny and accurate: That is, the importance of play and time. Also, the light approach needed to approach problems in a creative way. Then the dedication to see the solutions through.

I also like the notion of intermediate impossibilities. Had I known of that concept when I named this blog, it’d probably be called that. It’s basically what I mean when I call this a notebook.

Via Zoetica Ebb


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