Apr 21

Earth Day: Science Fiction Writers in Toronto Star

For Earth Day, the Toronto Star asked 15 science fiction writers, including me, how we’d tackle climate change. To save some space, my answer was edited down.

Here’s my full reply:

The environment is something I watch on TV. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, it’s a pristine world free of human interference. But it’s also the concrete, the highrise and the little blue screen. Where animals are pests. The destruction wrought on the so-called natural world results from the false division between humans and it. Humans need to fuse with nature. Using biotech, houses should be grown not built. Towns designed with no clear line, aesthetic or technological, between human and environment. Euclidean geometry must be overthrown. Only by reaching such a state of obvious symbiosis can we end this conflict with the world we inhabit. The alternative is an increasingly alienating spectacle that will end in the circus of our own destruction.

You can read everyone’s answers here.

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