Mar 03

Punk In Africa

The trailer for the new documentary Punk in Africa.

From the review in Okay Africa:

Punk in Africa examines the punk scene in Southern Africa from the 70s onward, an era in which apartheid was being challenged in South Africa with violent repercussions, civil war burned across Mozambique and Robert Mugabe began his massacres in Zimbabwe. At this time, a combination of musical catholicity, the urge to break out of the stifling patterns of the past, and an influx of (white) U.K. citizens lit the slow fuse that transformed Southern African music. It wasn’t an explosion, it was an uninhibited musical miscegenation, in which punk and native musical traditions met – and screwed in the bathroom at the youth club.

And, even better, a mixtape of African Punk from DJ Zhao.

01 [South Africa] National Wake – Black Punk Rockers
02 [South Africa] National Wake – Mercenaries
03 [South Africa] KOOS – Is Jy N Moegoe
04 [South Africa] National Wake – Dreams In My Head
05 [Zimbabwe] Chikwata 263 – Dudumduri
06 [South Africa] Dread Warriors – Xighangu Xamina
07 [South Africa] National Wake – Tchindi (live]
08 [UK] Andy Moor – From E to F + Pinch – Warlord
09 [South Africa] Kalahari Surfers – Don’t Dance (live) + Bass Boy – Stamp
10 [DR Congo] Docteur Nico & African Fiesta – Save Me
11 [Mozambique] 340ML – Shotgun (Zhao Fix)
12 [Zimbabwe] Evicted – Mapurisa (Remix)
13 [Zimbabwe] Chikwata 263 – In the Jungle
14 [South Africa] National Wake ft. Warrick Sony –Bolina (Kalahari Mix) + Cyrus – Manhatten Blues
15 [UK] Andy Moor – Ella Speed + Unknown
16 [DR Congo] Kasai Allstars – The Incident At Mbuji-Mayi (Bass Clef Remix)
17 [DR Congo] Kasai Allstars – Mukuba Special (Shackleton Remix)
18 [France / UK] DJ Rupture & Andy Moor – Broken Minded
19 [South Africa] Powerage – Waiting For the War
20 [South Africa] Powerage – Freedom + FilthyBeatz – Bounced
21 [Angola] Acromaniacos – unknown
22 [South Africa] KOOS – Ek Is My Dilemma
23 [South Africa] Fuzigish – Burn the Fucking House Down
24 [South Africa] Wild Youth – All Messed Up
25 [South Africa] Wild Youth – Wot About Me
26 [Tanzania] Jagwa Sound System – Watu na Maisha Yao
27 [South Africa] A-Cads – Down The Road
28 [South Africa] The Dynamics – Garlic Baloney

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any punk worth listening to but this is amazing stuff. Just imagine how good African punk should and could sound, then expect this to sound better. You still won’t be disappointed. It’s that good.

Via Deb Chachra


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