Feb 24

DNA Robots Search and Destroy Cancer Cells

Harvard scientists have created tiny DNA robots that can search and destroy cancer cells.

The Week sez:

The tiny devices were constructed out of DNA strands and folded into a shape resembling a clamshell. Researchers call it the “DNA origami” method. The devices are pre-programmed to open up in the presence of cancerous cells. Once open, the robot releases a series of antibodies that cause its target to self-destruct. “The idea is based on the behavior of the body’s immune cells,” says Elizabeth Lopatto at Bloomberg Businessweek, “which recognize viruses or other invaders and attack them.”

The robots have yet to be tested outside of a petri dish and actual use is still years away but it’s nice to see some progress. Not just in fighting cancer but also in having bodies full of swarming DNA robots. I foresee whole new realms of intimacy.

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