Feb 21

Genetic Variants For Schizophrenia Found to Be Common

Schizophrenia has been linked to genetic variants that are common to everyone. The risk factors may reach a tipping a point that overwhelm our ability to compensate.

A new research method found that:

. . . 23% of liability for the brain disorder could be traced back to a set of variations, most of which are common in the general population. The variance was shared equally between men and women.

According to Professor Naomi Wray, this suggests that we all carry genetic risk variants for schizophrenia, but that the disease only emerges when the burden of variants, in combination with environmental factors, reaches a certain tipping point.

Not exactly unexpected but not exactly comforting to know that we’re all fairly close to madness, just compensating and, hopefully, never reaching our tipping point.

One would hope this will allow people to see a little more of themselves in the so-called crazies who populate our streets. We’re not so different after all. They just lost their grip. Ours is, perhaps, not so secure.

Kindness, as usual, is the order of the day.

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