Feb 16

Smart Pills to Connect to Your Smartphone

"Take these and they'll call me in the morning."

Drug Companies (the legal kind) are working to create pills that will monitor how your body responds to the medication, report this to your smartphone then relay that information to your doctor. Like he doesn’t already have enough problems.

According to a press release from the American Chemical Society:

Sanofi, a pharma company, and AgaMatrix, a developer of glucose meters, recently announced a product that connects a glucose meter to an iPhone, which can retrieve, archive and transmit data. In another nontraditional coupling, Sanofi is teaming with venture capitalists. They also are collaborating with academic scientists in new ways, partnering on projects early on. PTC Therapeutics and Roche are joining forces with SMA Foundation to include the patient perspective in developing drugs for spinal muscular atrophy. Even insurance companies are getting involved – Humana recently teamed with Pfizer, the world’s biggest drug company, and Medco Health Solutions, a pharmacy benefits management firm, to reduce inefficiencies in getting drugs to patients. Experts point out that these joint ventures could provide detailed information on how individual patients respond to therapy and could help usher in an era of personalized medicine.

Frankly, I’d prefer for my doctor to remain ignorant about what I was doing with his prescriptions. It might just be the pills but I’m a bit paranoid about this information being relayed to the feds.

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