Feb 13

Ecobot III: The Robot That Shits

Giant robot of the future uses puny human cities as a toilet.

Because having to feed and clean up after the cats isn’t already more than any sensitive soul can bear, scientists have made a robot that can eat and shit.

According to GEEKTECH:

EcoBot III, also known as BreadBot, is a self-sustaining robot created by the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK. It is not only capable of being charged by “food” such as leaves, dirt and, well, feces, but it can also go “poop” in a litter tray like a cat. Its predecessors, EcoBot I and II, would “eat” similar items, but they were unable to release the unwanted by-products.

And because I know some of you are into this sort of thing, here’s some up close and personal, HOT ROBOT DUMP action. Enjoy.

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