Feb 02

Immaterials: the ghost in the field

This video is about exploring the spatial qualities of RFID, visualised through an RFID probe, long exposure photography and animation.

It features Timo Arnall of the Touch project and Jack Schulze of BERG.

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One of the interesting things about modern tech is that it makes people deal with things they only previously imagined they were dealing with. An RFID field is foreshadowed by such nonsense as auras, invisible materials remind one of ghosts and social media suggests a jury-rigged telepathy. How about when we raise the dead through chat-bot necromancy?

And the standard, mainstream religions that we’ve derived our ethical base from only advise one not to take part in such magic.

Easy for them to say. They didn’t have smart-phones.

Just as tech impacts the present and future, it also changes the past. Now that we’re routinely dealing with the powers, it seems possible that those old occult texts, the bizarre guides to rules governing the esoteric, might be assigned new value as the foundation of a modern ethics.

Though it’s a bit dubious to derive any ethical system  from the drugged-up power delusions of barbarians and conmen, it does seem to be where these things come from.

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