Nov 13

Cartography of the Anthropocene

Via the always interesting Global Guerrillas, here’s a new way of looking at the planet: A cartography of the Anthropocene.

If you, like my spell check, have no idea what the Anthropocene is, this might help:

Here is the definition more or less impressionistic we propose for the Anthropocene:

“A period marked by a regime change in the activity of industrial societies which began at the turn of the nineteenth century and which has caused global disruptions in the Earth System on a scale unprecedented in human history: climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution of the sea, land and air, resources depredation, land cover denudation, radical transformation of the ecumene, among others. These changes command a major realignment of our consciousness and worldviews, and call for different ways to inhabit the Earth.”

Mapping the Anthropocene: first few steps.
Behind the name lie the challenges of our time. This concept illustrates and groups together the main agents that shape our planet, who literally engrave its surface—it is the anthroposphere, the human layer that grows inside the biosphere. This page is dedicated to the impressionist mapping of the artifacts from this singular moment in Earth’s history. Impressionist because these maps are unlabelled and silent, giving free rein to contemplation and imagination; impressionist also because they do not follow the canons of cartography, where scales and legend are mandatory.

By locating the structures and hotspots of human activity, by acknowledging the extent of our footprints and our facilities, perhaps we will glimpse the limits of our world and the importance of redefining what it means to live in and on it.

Comments? Suggestions? Your feedbacks are more than welcomed: info [at] globaia [dot] org

In other words, a map of of human activity on the planet and a recognition of our new era where it acts as a primary environmental force.

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