Oct 31

Gaming With Pain

The long held human dream of inflicting post traumatic stress disorder on ourselves in the comfort of our own homes has come a step closer to fruition.

From Singularity Hub

The Gadget Show, airing on Channel 5 in the UK, recently embarked on creating the most true to life simulator for first person shooter games ever built. They succeeded with flying colors…and bruises. Their custom rig incorporates a plethora of immersive technologies including a nine meter dome, five HD projectors, an omnidirectional treadmill, 800 LED lights, a Kinect 3D sensor (of course), and four paintball gun turrets. That’s right, if you get shot in the game, you get shot in real life.

The action in the video starts at 9:45.

It’s an amazing simulator. The only surprise is that porn didn’t come up with it first. But don’t worry: I’m sure we’ll be able to engage in every perversity imaginable(and some that aren’t) in no time.

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