Sep 09

Empty City to be Built for Experiments in New Mexico

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A twenty square mile model of a US City will be built in New Mexico to test renewable energy innovations, intelligent traffic systems, next-generation wireless networks and smart-grid cyber security systems.

Built by Pegasus Global Holdings at a cost of 200 million, The Center, will be empty but will replicate a city that houses 35,000 people.

Pegasus CEO,Bob Brumley, says:

“The idea for The Center was born out of our own company’s challenges in trying to test new and emerging technologies beyond the confines of a sterile lab environment. The Center will allow private companies, not for profits, educational institutions and government agencies to test in a unique facility with real world infrastructure, allowing them to better understand the cost and potential limitations of new technologies prior to introduction.”

I like the idea but wish that these sorts of labs were set up in regular cities. That one could opt in to experimental energy grids, forms of political organization or whathaveyou, and see how or if they work. At their best, cities are a type of human laboratory and it’s a shame we don’t better harness this potential.

Indeed, it seems that the only experiments running in cities these days are in crowd control, agorist economics of the black market and illicit drugs. And most of these are performed on people who, in most cases, did not opt in but were simply born or thrust in. When one looks at the advances made in those labs, one can clearly see the squandered potential of the modern urban center.

Apparently, we’re now so risk averse that we need to build an empty city to try out solar power. I blame lawyers and insurance companies.

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