May 16

Loyalty Pledge of University of Bahrain


Document of pledge and assurance of loyalty


Under this document, I the undersigned assure, As a full-time student studying at the University of Bahrain, my complete loyalty to the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, governor of this country may God protect him, and to the rational government.


I also undertake to respect the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the laws and regulations of the University of Bahrain, which I have seen in the (Regulations of Professional Conduct Violations for University of Bahrain students), and not to organize or participate in any activity within the campus or outside that is irrelevant to student and academic affairs and authorized research. Or that would harm the reputation of the Kingdom of Bahrain inside and outside.


I am also fully aware that I pay only 6% of the total cost of my tuition, which is approximately 200 BD (523 $) per year, while the State bears 94% of the total cost of my tuition which is estimated to be about 4000 BD (10638.3 $) per year.

Accordingly, I acknowledge that not signing this document means I do not want to pursue my studies at the University of Bahrain, and in the case of signing, I understand that any act committed contrary to policies included in the terms of this document, gives the administration of the University of Bahrain the right to take appropriate actions against me and implement penalties that may reach a maximum of final and immediate expelling from the University of Bahrain.


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The person who sent this to me and translated it also says that on the back of this document, which the signatories were not allowed to leave with, there were another series of points.

Just points about not protesting inside campus and not doing anything against the government, not discussing politics with colleagues and instructors.. etc

This was also related to me:

A heart breaking story I feel like sharing, is that my friend saw brother of martyr Ali mo’men who was brutally murdered by riot police on feb 17th  [during the first raid on the Lulu Roundabout] while he was leaving the hall we were signing the pledges at, and carrying the guidelines leaflet that is given to us after we sign. He had to sign on complete loyalty to the king while the regime recently murdered his brother just so he could complete his education.

By forcing its students sign this drivel, The University of Bahrain is not only making a mockery of academic freedom but of loyalty itself.

Loyalty is a feeling that must be inspired in the hearts of people. It cannot be demanded at gunpoint. That’s not loyalty. That’s terror. And terror is a rope that frays quickly and breaks easily. A rope that often ends up wrapped around the neck of the people wielding it.

But I expect nothing better from the brutal despots who rule Bahrain.

How would they know the first thing about dignity or human decency? They have none.

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  1. Trackerinblue

    Meaningless drivel is right! In my studies of 20th century politics I’ve seen similar “loyalty oaths” that were used by the Third Reich of Germany under Adolf Hitler; also a similar oath used by Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union.
    It must be seen in that light, that dictators demand loyalty, and know they don’t deserve it, knowing they can’t win your true heart; they force people, like the writer said, at gunpoint. Everyone knows that not signing is an opening to continual harassment, arrest, torture and possible death.

    This and the sex crimes they are now comitting shows that the regime of Bahrain is a completely closed police state that believes it can violate every moral principle ever devised by humanity. This will inspire creative, clever people to do everything possible to bypass and expose these horrible pracitices.
    Study how the East Germans behind the Iron Curtain got around and mocked the hideous and vile Stazi, their state police and torturers. They were very creative.

    God bless all the students of the University of Bahrain, and my heartfelt adlmiration of all your efforts to complete your education under one of the most brutal regimes in history.

    Keep a diary, if you can, and document what’s happening in Bahrain; it will someday become a valuable resource to expose the police state phase of Bahrain. and when Freedom DOES come, you will show the world what you had to endure in these days.
    My love and support to you all.

  2. amina

    Loyalty pledge?!
    Did you know that Al-Khalifa considered & wanted Bahrain as a large estate to them full of slaves!

  3. Ryan Oakley

    I will not be allowing any pro-regime comments here.

    Last time I allowed that, the pro-regime commenters lied through their teeth about what was happening and who they were. (Yes, I know who you are.) They made threats against me and other people. They used my blog as a platform for lies and intimidation.

    I allowed it at the time because it clearly illustrated just what sort of violent, lying twits are running that country. It will not be allowed this time.

    There is no debating with monarchs. Despots and their lackeys can go fuck themselves.


    1. Nicolay Bastos

      “Despots and their lackeys can go fuck themselves.” Agreed. And thank you for writing extensively on the issues in Bahrain. Bang up job.

  4. Dr. Sofia

    We expect everything from dictatorial government, if there are more than 50 doctors in jailed, many teachers were fired, many students from school and Bahrain University were fired too, more than 30 were killed by the Saudi and Bahraini army, 4 were killed under torture in jailed, more than 1000 in jailed for nothing than protesting against government, an armed civil people belong to government moving in street beating and killing peaceful people, they were in university too. some of them carrying the base (Al Qaeda) flag, So do not feel surprised, we expect everything from this government except to be fairly.

  5. Catherine Baylin

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for posting this. I am doing some research on this issue and trying to verify a few things about the pledge. Could I ask you a few questions?


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