Feb 18

Bahrain Antoinette: Let Them Eat LOL :)

We’ve all heard the story of Marie Antoinette. When told that the French people did not have bread, she said: “Let them eat cake.”

The story may or may not be true. I never thought it mattered if she actually said that. The important thing is that it’s exactly the sort of thing she would have said. It might not be factual but it’s certainly truthful. The French people, to their everlasting credit, chopped her head off.

Not because of her ignorance but because it coexisted with things like what Charles Dickens describes in his Tale of Two Cities:

France, less favoured on the whole as to matters spiritual than her sister of the shield and trident, rolled with exceeding smoothness down hill, making paper money and spending it. Under the guidance of her Christian pastors, she entertained herself, besides, with such humane achievements as sentencing a youth to have his hands cut off, his tongue torn out with pincers, and his body burned alive, because he had not kneeled down in the rain to do honour to a dirty procession of monks which passed within his view, at a distance of some fifty or sixty yards.

The best of times for some. The worst for others. And everything about to be turned around.

That book is from 1859 and it is about events in 1775. It is now 2011 and I am blogging about events that occurred in the last few days. About events that I am watching on my television even as I type this. About events in Bahrain. Where the ruling Al-Khalifa family, the so-called royals, massacred peaceful protesters in their sleep. Where, even now, they are killing more. Women and children. Struck down by live bullets.

Just as I am able to quickly write and post about these things, the Al-Khalifa family, many of whom are on twitter, can offer their comments. These would, perhaps, have made even Marie Antoinette blush. That might be why so many of these royal profiles were removed.

With the help of Breeyn McCarney (a Toronto fashion designer) and Kevin Naulls (a Toronto fashion blogger) some of these have been preserved.

That the ruling elite of Bahrain has concerned itself with us, with our opinions, while it guns down its own people, speaks volumes.

The princess has now protected her tweets.

The Princess describes herself thus: “Bio: Certified Princess, Bombshell, Fashionista, & Make Up Guru. Kim Kardashian’s Number One Fan.”

After her men opened fire on sleeping protesters, she had this to say.

LOL means laughing out loud. Wtf means what the fuck. It is an expression denoting surprise.

Not only was she able to sleep soundly while her men murdered women and children, she is now laughing (out loud) that people are angry.

@ArabRevolution made a reply to her. (I have included another tweet from my timeline about what was happening at that very moment.)

Surprisingly, the princess replied to @ArabRevolution, which started a short and fascinating exchange. I retweeted it while it occurred, which is why I was able to take screenshots of the exchange today even though the Princess’s account is now private.

What is ArabRevolution asking her to judge?

It is this graphic picture of a protester who was murdered by her thugs.

I know it often bothers people when I post something like that. You have my apologies for disturbing your sensibilities. But I want to be very clear on something here: I did not do that to him. I did not have that man killed. He was killed on behalf of a certified princess, bombshell, fashionista, make up guru and Kim Kardashian’s number one fan.

If you are angry and disgusted, please save it for the ruling elite of Bahrain. If you think you should have been warned, imagine how surprised he and his family were.

That is just what all the glory and splendor of royalty really looks like.

And what did the Princess have to say when that was sent to her and she was asked for a simple tweet to condemn this murder?

She responded to a tweet from another royal who said “Sooo . . . Hmmm.. CHANGE THE SUBJECT. What’s your favorite color. Let me know.”


Laughing Out Loud.

If only it ended there . . .

Toronto fashion blogger, Kevin Nauls, insulted the punctuation of the royal who calls himself boodisux and, in particular, his habit of substituting the letter S with a dollar sign. This inspired another member of the ruling elite to jump into the conversation.

JuJuWR who describes herself as “Bondafied Senorita, Art Fanatic, Fashionista, Earth is My PlayGround .. Live the  Life You Love and Love the Life Your Live -young girl – collie buddz” took great offence.

Breeyn McCarney took screenshots.

Kevin’s tweets are, sadly, not included. I will give you my word that he was polite and civil throughout. More so than I could have been. Which is actually why I did not jump into the conversation.

You can click on any of these pictures for a larger image.

By now, it should be pretty clear what the people of Bahrain are upset about. Could you imagine being ruled by these pompous twits?

It must sting. Being insulted by the common people. It must hurt. Being made fun of by the likes of us. We, who must obey the protocol and avert our eyes. We, who must cower, crawl and beg before crown, baton and bullet. It must really hurt her feelings. My heart bleeds for her.

So did that fellow’s head.

JuJuWR, like many of Bahrain’s elite, spends a great deal of time attacking New York Times columnist  and two time Pulitzer winner, Nicholas Kristof.

They have even accused him of supporting the protesters with weapons and are attempting to have him removed from the country. These people are liars, flakes and nutcases. They are vapid, savage animals.

The next day, I congratulated Kevin on his restraint in dealing with these lunatics and said, as I often do, that the best royal is one who has had its head chopped off.

To my surprise, a member of Bahrain’s royal family busied himself with the opinion of foreign plebes rather than the murder and torturing of his own people.

Really, the fellow should have asked if I cared.

I don’t.

I do not care about how murderers act or live in the years leading up to their murders. I do not care about the feelings of royalty. Their privileges are sucked from the pockets of working people. They exist off the proceeds of organized, monopolized violence.

Their privileges come with a price. That price is their heads. If they are unwilling to pay it they can always abdicate their title and fuck off. While I will talk about a royal, I will not demean myself by speaking to a royal.

Not until they remove that ridiculous crown.

I said:

This royal twit stopped begging for my attention and approval. Stopped pleading to be understood and liked. Stopped pretending that if I only knew the details of his young life, I would feel differently about his head’s attachment to his neck.

I would not.

As David Forbes has so properly said on twitter#Bahrain is a good reminder: the only good aristocracy are dead, deposed or constitutionally neutered.”

To which, I would only add that they never constitutionally neuter themselves. That must be done for them

I wish the people of Bahrain the best of luck.

Off with their heads.

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  1. Barima

    Good God. Well, a tweet demonstrating the depths of their blithe self-interest can also go a long way

    I have mixed feelings about monarchic institutions, but mainly because I can think of few authorities that actually merit respect and acquiescence. I like their cultural aspects, but I think a constitutional neutering is not the worst thing in the world for them

    I had cause to mention you on the column recently. It’s not something I expect you to follow up, but at least you know of it

    All best,


  2. Ryan Oakley

    Thanks for the mention. It’s not really the sort of thing I do but I look forward to exploring the blogs you mentioned. (Especially like the sound of this Ryan Oakley fellow.)

    I think people who merit respect do so without titles. You, for example, are evidence of that.

  3. Yankee-Whisky-Papa

    Royally roiled. In the US, we certainly have our royalty… the only difference is they are rotated out with great frequency, and with no regard to heredity.

  4. Skeptical Inquirer

    The woman, Juju Al-Roumy is not from the ruling family of Bahrain. Al-Roumy family is a run of the mill family, not royalty. They are sunni, which means they are favoured by the ruling Al-Khalifas. They might be close to power, or not. My guess is that they are among the merchant/business class of Bahrain. I know about them because their cousins exist in my country, Kuwait. Like I said, run of the mill. Some of their members, in Kuwait at least, are even pro-democracy advocates and respect human rights. They are typically seen as respected members of society. This girl is a disgrace to them. I wonder if it’s a Bahraini thing…

    Arab societies do not have “royalty” in the medieval European sense. We only have ruling dynasties and merchant class people. But it gets lost in translation as them being “royals”. The Al-Khalifas fancy themselves royalty because they model their rule on the European concept of it. But it isn’t quite that simple.. Their title in Arabic is literally “the ruling family”. The title of nobility (saada) only exists in Arabia for one family, and it is not them.

  5. Roland

    Repulsive, but just to be clear, these kids don’t REALLY have much say in the political process, and they don’t really ‘rule’ Bahrain. Sheikh Hamad has something like 9 kids and they were born over the course of 30 years. These are his youngest. While that doesn’t excuse them, from a political standpoint, they are really nobodies. If they do end up becoming politically important, it will be in 30-some-odd years, if that.

  6. ali

    the girl in question is a 15-year-old high school student who calls herself “thajba bint ahmed al khalifa” = thajba daughter of ahmed al khalifa. the king’s name is hamad. he has no brother named ahmed. she is probably a third or fourth cousin of the royal family. protip: not every teenage girl who calls herself “princess” is actually a princess. much like the al sauds (of saudi arabia) the al khalifa family is very old and very branched. there are probably, at least, 5000 al khalifas in bahrain. as in people with the surname “al khalifa”.

    but do carry on, i love a good circlejerk.

    (full disclosure: i was born in bahrain but my family has nothing to do with the al khalifas)

  7. Fray Close

    This is EXACTLY what I witnessed on Twitter that night. If you add in pro-government trolls laughing at and mocking the LULU protesters you get a very clear picture of the events and how they were handled.
    I have ZERO respect for them and unless the regime gets overthrown, they will NEVER redeem themselves to me. Not that I matter, I am not in Bahrain or part of their rich kid bully/tryant club. The rest of the world needs to condemn them and their antics as well.
    I have seen exactly 2 posts/replies to the violence since it happened from people who are not with the protesters that have been civil/reasonable. Not a good percentage.

  8. Scott Birch

    Her name was “.. Al-Roumi”. That is not a royal name. None of the Al-Khalifas I know talk like that. They certainly wouldn’t publicly. The ones I’m acquainted with are distressed one way or the other. They are taking it seriously.

    This “princess” is either a wannabe or a troll.

  9. Shava Nerad

    I remember when the young students of the Shah’s family were stranded in the US, and some really had internalized their family’s images of the great unwashed. Remember who raised them. The Iranian kids, some of them, came around quickly; they were appalled by the enormity of history and current events. But they had been raised in a hermetically sealed psychotic reality.

    An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

  10. Mike

    For what it’s worth, the quote from Marie Antoinette you posted about was probably never said by her (it was first printed when she was 13), nor would it have been something she would have said as you stated. It is pretty clear that she was used as a scapegoat for the general opulence of French upper-classes. But like you said, maybe the truth doesn’t really matter.

    I sympathize greatly with the people of Bahrain for sure, but I wonder how much sense it makes to get worked up about periphery royals and waste time and energy on those who obviously don’t understand or care about what is going on in their country. I don’t think anyone really thinks this princess you highlighted in this blog is pulling any of the strings.

  11. soos

    These girls are such whores, they’re not even proper royalty. “juju WR”‘s mom stole (meaning she whored herself to a AlKhalifa guy and seduced him and STOLE him from his wife and children). Juju is not even royalty, not by blood or name.. Her bitchy mom married into royalty, that doesn’t make her royalty. As for Princess Thajba, her own family disowned her for being a whore and bringing disgrace and shame to her family name ( those homosexual “bestfriends” of yours aren’t considered royalty as well, honey). You can ask any proper member of the royal family about these two and their reply would be: “Who? Uhh, no we’re not related”. So FUCK OFF BITCHES!!!

    1. Aisha

      Hahahahahahah. Soos you must be living under a cave. I know the girl. Her family didn’t dis own her you jealous twat. You must be 16 because what you’re talking about are stupid school rumours. As for the girl, I’ve met her and follow her on Twitter. The posts she tweeted had nothing to do with what was going on. She has nothing to do with what was going on or had a political stand point. Get over it morons.

    2. Juju Al Roumi

      Entay wa7da wa6ya w mn7a6a w m7tara ..
      Let me make things clear (soos) my mom is Sheikha Raja Abdullah Al-Khalifa, she is royalty.. My father is a very well known and respected man in kuwait, get your facts straight and research Al-Roumi family in kuwait. My mom did not STEAL the man she got married to him long after he was separated from his wife in 97 .. And Thajba’s late father is the Kings first cousin which makes Thajbas grandma the Kings aunt. Disowned and living in the same house? Really? Cute soos x so much hate? I hope you would man up to your words and ATLEAST have your name posted rather than (soos) I don’t blame you for that nasty post, what you say just reflects the type of envi. You were brought up in, and as a muslim u should know better than to say things like that about a woman who is old enough to be your mom, as much as I am furious about what you said about my mom I decided not to engage in a worthless conversation with you because to me you don’t exist.. My mom, Thajba, and I are a million times better than the woman you dream to be .. Try to have some manners and respect..

  12. John Gilberts

    Bring on Lady Guillotine…

  13. Mo

    To their defense, the princes and princesses have little to input at all in how the country is governed. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for 15 years, I know how Arab “royal families” are. Only very few have real power, the othesr are only filthy rich and are able to do whatever the fuck they want only because they have the royal last name. Anyone remotely related to the royal family instantly gets these fancy titles. Regardless, their stance on the issue is absolutely disgusting. We’re targeting the wrong people. All we’re doing is tarnishing the public image of the socalled princesses. (I think they deserve it)

  14. Anonymous

    thank you for putting these brats in their right place. they really deserve it and I was waiting for someone to stand up to them

  15. Josh

    grumpyowl you’re actually the biggest fail here. do you really think she has any influence over politics? you clearly have never lived in a country like Bahrain to know how things work. posting stuff like this is a waste of everyone’s time and actually adds fuel to the fire. let them works things out and attain peace. stop interfering in their affairs and maybe get a job instead of wasting your time on stuff like this.

  16. Meriam

    These girls have been targeted by people on twitter, they are young teenagers. Having received so many hate messages that’s the only way a teen would reply. Cut them some slack they have no say in what is happening. Thajba is a close relative of the King, as for Juju her mother is from the Royal family and her father is Kuwaiti. Correction for Soos.. Thajba’s dad is the kings first cousin, in other words her grandmother is the kings aunt, Juju’s mom is from al-khalifa got married to a kuwaiti from a repected family and soon divorced, after that she got married to another member of alkhalifa who had separated from his wife earlier so she did not steal him. I think the girls were trying to shock whoever was tweeting them because at such a young age emotions are quite unstable , they really do not have a say in all that is happening thajba is 18 and juju is 19. Ali alkhalifa did not really say anything to support or insult the protesters again he does not have a say in what is going on.

    1. Wyrken

      The point is, their families are involved in what are EXECUTIONS and they DON’T CARE.

      NO, being a “teenager” is no excuse for such behaviour, there are10 years old and younger who knows better than that.

      Don´t believe that? http://www.alexchediak.com/2011/02/teenage-rebellion-not-a-universal-phenomenon.php

  17. jake

    Those are teenage kids? Does American teenage kids behave any better? Seriously, this is ridiculous. You can blame the actual people doing the shitty stuff but to think that these couple of kids have any thing to do with the situation and say they are responsible for it makes you look rather silly to say the least.

  18. Abdullah fahad

    All what i’m going to say, regarding what you did and wrote. It is a very low move. If you really think you are right, I don’t think you have to go and dig into the private lives of teenagers who are really not into the political game, and you trying to enforce them to be involved.

    People who are truthful to their cause, would not do what you did.

  19. Nour Alagraa

    Let me start off by saying that initially, I had no intentions of responding to this ‘piece’ but am compelled to in light of some of the deeply troubling accusations being irresponsibly tossed around. The Al-Khalifas are a family yes, but are also a tribe, they are not all members of the Bahraini Government (or have any political involvement or affiliations) and includes HUNDREDS of people living in Bahrain as well as outside the Island. Your accusations are outlandish and grossly unsubstantiated. Having lived in Bahrain for the last three years before moving back to Toronto (where I’m from) a month ago I have to say that what you have written is nothing short of an inflammatory desperate cry for attention. To say that you “do not care about how murderers act or live in the years leading up to their murders” without ANY proof that @Alialkhalifa is in fact guilty of committing the murders you accuse him of is baffling. Another accusation states that “their privileges are sucked from the pockets of working people. They exist off the proceeds of organized, monopolized violence” again a claim you don’t back with anything even close to evidence. I can tell you that none of the many the Al-Khalifas I’ve met, worked with and befriended in Bahrain fit into this image you’ve so dramatically painted. This piece saddens me in ways you couldn’t possibly understand as it’s clear that you care more about sensationalist writing than contributing constructively. In my country sir, what you have written would count as nothing more than hate.

  20. m1k3y

    Thank you for preserving this Ryan!

  21. REEM

    First of all I’d like to say is YOU CAN’T pic on specific people in protesting! Especially when it comes to young teenagers who have nothing to do with it! Thajba is a lovely well-mannered lady, just like the rest of the Al-Khalifas, and is NOTHING like marie antionette! I haven’t met her in person but this is what I hear from both Sunna And Shia! So is juju al-Roumi she is from a well known and as I must mention very respected family in Kuwait. Her mother is from the royal family, so don’t spread false rumors. It is very RUDE to spread such rumors like that especially in islam! It is very disrespectful! Don’t u dare compare Arab teenagers to American teenagers!! This shows that this blogger is very childish and has no life to write such things about such people! Just to make things clear this is not a Shia vs. Sunna battle get ur facts straight and watch the news,and then argue politics!!!. You sick people. By the way that picture that you posted wasn’t even taken in Bahrain. Bahrain is a very peacful country, I live in it, and NO I am NOT from the royal family. I am just a normal Bahraini, just like MANY other Bahrainis who love and support the ruling family! I am one of the 500,000 that attended the AlFateh pro-government rally Everyone in Bahrain is happy with the ruling family, again you should watch the news. You don’t even know ANYTHING about Bahrain . We don’t need people like you judging us Bahrainis when you don’t even know what’s really going on! If we have problems let us deal with them ourselves!

    1. Wyrken

      Stop that “young teenager” crap apologie, there are 10 years old and younger who know better than that.

      They may not be anywhere power but they are still a bunch of scumbags.

  22. ColeMercury

    Who cares if they don’t personally have political influence? Who cares if they’re cousins of the royal family, not direct heirs? Who cares if they’re teenagers?

    The point is, their family is KILLING PEOPLE and they DON’T CARE.

    They either deflect with “lol i’m not a politician lol” or go on enormous tirades about how disgusting poor people are. Those pages of abuse from that Juju bitch show the royal mindset quite clearly, I think — shows exactly WHY they don’t care. She might as well have said it outright: “You deserve everything you get, you filthy pleb.”

    I particularly love the “Before you ask for my head to be taken off, tell me, do u know anything about me or how I’ve lived my 24 years?” His family sure as shit didn’t give the same consideration to the man we see further up the page when they blew his brains out.

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Name calling wont take you anywhere Cole, i suggest you read my response and actually understand the situation in bahrain, maybe then i can let you give me your opinion about what is going on! and again the posts that I made were a reply to some very vulgar and rude hate tweets that i recieved RANDOMLY ! it does not reflect what i feel about the situation, as for thajba’s Lol im not a politician, was a way of saying ( why in gods name am i getting people accusing me of being the reason behind the events that took place, when i have no say in whats going on) lol dosnt always mean im going to roll on the floor and laugh my guts out.. its a sarcastic expression not at the situation but at THE PEOPLE who dont know what the hell they’re talking about, which may i add is VERY FUNNY

  23. REEM

    And I’m sure people are as smart to come up with the conclusion that everything you wrote is completely biased due to your FALSE facts, wrong information wrong place to understand the real situation. Please mind your own business you’re not helping any side, and we surely don’t care about your opinion since you don’t live here or matter to us!

  24. Meredith D

    While Marie Antoinette almost certainly didn’t say “Let them eat cake”, if she had the statement was nowhere near as blithe and enraging as this. There was a French law requiring bakers to sell their brioche (translated to English as cake) should the cheaper stuff run out so… it’s an insult to Marie Antoinette to compare her to this total bitch.

    1. A


      1. Wyrken

        Hey waite, why don´t you go talk to the protesters, who are already in your country, if you really are Rambo?? :D

  25. Allesha

    You are an utter disgrace to mankind! I am a foreigner living in Bahrain and personally know the ruling family of Bahrain AND Thajba!

    Just to give you background info. Bahrain’s unemployment rate is 3%. Schools, hospitals, and homes are free. Retired and non-workers still receive money. People are free to practice and do WHATEVER they want. It is unbelievably safe here. Suniis and Shias have been leaving peacefully in Bahrain since forever and Thajba herself does have shia friends. Her family did not massacre peaceful protesters. The police got into a dispute with the protesters and 5 men were killed FIVE.. Not hundreds. Not that that’s a good thing. Jus givin you FACTS!! Thajba is unbelievably respected by all because she embraces such an amazing inner beauty. As a foreigner living here I would know! By the way… Nobody wants to “overthrow” the government. Just reforms within the government.. Which is being met! Oh, and the picture is of a Palestinian guy who gott massacered by the friendly country of Israel not Bahrain. I can’t believe people like you exist and I seriously hope you get sued for this.

  26. jake


    It isn’t even their immediate family. That’s a huge tribe with thousands of people. So let me ask you this, would you feel responsible and blame yourself for something your great great grandfather’s 100th cousin did? That’s exactly what this is like. You don’t understand the situation. So much shit has happened because silly Americans meddle with other people’s affairs like this.

    I don’t even like rich royals but to blame a couple of teenagers for what their government is doing is mind bogglingly stupid.

  27. Serum

    While they may be spoiled and insignificant little teenagers within the royal family, it is still a good exposure of something the higher ups obviously want to hide. Great job!

  28. DreamRose

    To all those saying that these girls are too young to understand the value of their words:

    The words show a callous disregard for human life, regardless of the age that they’re at. Five year olds would cry seeing a picture like that and tweeted something, and their royal response to it was silence. I happen to be 21, and I sure as fuck would not say what these retards do and I’m around the age you guys think I can act like that. Don’t insult me. You guys must be more then twice the age of these girls, I often find older people let younger ones act like morons since they think it’s their age that’s making them act like that. News flash: no it’s not. It’s not their age that’s making them act cruel and inhumane, it’s because their disgusting excuses for human beings because they are bred to be royal and thus think they have the priveledge to do whatever the fuck they want and to hell with the working classes.

    And as for not being able to do anything because they have no political power: wrong. They could tweet how they’re disgusted by the murders and vile happenings in their own country, they could talk to family members to try to get this violence to a minimum. They could go out to the streets for God’s sake. These people live in a bubble and have no compassion or respect for human life since they believe that they are ‘superior’ to everyone that isn’t a royal. Fuck them.

    I laugh at them, their very existence is hilarious to me.

    I hope their heads will roll.

  29. H.

    I think this is just a blatant attempt by yourself to be relevant in anyway to the world. Are you really basing the ideas of a whole family over two people? Are you actually acquainted with any member of this family? No? Then you are not at liberty to pass judgement on the members of this family. How would you like it if I generalized your whole family on what I see on this blog? A man with no real code of ethics and responsibility to the world. I will paint this brush on not only you and your family, but your country and your leader. Ignorant is all what can say about you.

    These are kids, younger than 20 years of age with no political power whatsoever in the country. Do you know what kids in your part of the world do? They enter schools with guns and kill a bunch of their own classmates! Does that make all kids that misguided from your part of the world?

    This is an absolute disgrace of an article on a really worthless blog. Stop trying to make yourself famous based on lies.

  30. Daryl

    I am confused why so many people are defending these morons and their tweets. You don’t need to live in Bahrain to have an opinion on how people their behave. The same way I don’t need to rape someone to know it is wrong.

    And for the record Justin Bieber is a good example of a north American teenager saying something stupid in Rolling Stone and getting grilled for it by everyone. People who are in a position of being listend to by a large group of people should take more responsibility for their words and actions.

  31. Craig

    This Arab revolution fellow sounds like a total dick too I must say. The typical self-rigteous crusading knobs that infest the internet just looking to score easy ‘points’ from trying to get into arguments where they have the obvious good side.

    1. Wyrken

      On the contrary, you apologiste bastard, at least he cares for his people, while those “kids” doesn´t even care to condemne the executions carried out by the tribal regime of their famillies.

      It is you and those spoiled brats that are “assholes”.

  32. REEM

    Meredith D, I have a few words I’d like to say. FIRST of all you CLEARLY have no idea what your talking about sweetie. you see, I LIVE HERE,you dont.So please again dont judge if you dont know whats goings on, and are just arguing politics for no apparent reason! Go do something else instead of picking on our people! Yeah you are right Thajba isnt like Marie Antionette, you know why? Because she is so much better than her. This shows how lifeless you are spending your time swearing at her when you dont even know her! Or maybe you are just jealous. second policemen did not HURT or KILL any protesters! One of the rules are you cant violate public property, and they did. THEY STAYED THERE FOR TWO DAYS. On the third day they told them if you did not evacuate the place in 24 hours that they would go to them. They again warned them 3 hours before they went. When they arrived they AGAIN told them to evacuate the place through a microphone. Many left, and others stayed. The policemen ONLY shot tear gas, so that they could leave and go home. They did not HURT or KILL anyone!! While the protesters? Killed a policeman, stabbed him in the head. (This is 100%true) My father knew the guy. They ran over another policeman with a car, he was badly injured. Chopped of a policeman’s fingers! Stabbed another policeman in his back, and behind! This is 100% true and there are videos that were played in Bahrain Tv that proved so, you can even look it up! THEN you call this a peaceful protest? When protesters were being extremely violent? We are way past this story now, but I had to say it since you people dont know what happened. Stop swearing at them, and go back to your obviously boring lives, and AGAIN stop talking about Bahrain if you dont know anything.

  33. Muneera Ajoor

    First of all, before u start a blog don’t you think you should get ur so called “facts” CHECKED? Most of the ridiculous things u wrote are incorrect. I know Thajba she is a teenager that has NOTHING to do with what’s going on! You don’t live here so don’t u dare start accusing people of being murderers. What’s happening is not in their hands. Also since u don’t live here stop trashing the royal family. I DO live here so let me tell u something, the MAJORITY are happy with the government. If u actually cared about what was going on u would RESEARCH some more u would know that there was a pro-government rally that had more than 300,00 people not including the people that were in their cars! I think this is proof that u have no clue about what’s going on. As for the picture of the man u posted above: IT’s NOT A PICTURE TAKEN IN BAHRAIN! You should really stop picking on teenagers u lifeless idiot. And how about next time u post something u post PROOF with it. You don’t leave here so what gives u the right to talk about the royal family in that way? what gives u the right to talk about ANYTHING that’s going on here? As for juju alroumi i know her as well she also has NOTHING to do with what’s going on so how about u stop attacking these teenagers who are just angry because of what’s going on in their country! and who are u to say that they don’t care?! u dont even KNOW THEM! u say u don’t want to speak to a royal? that’s because you dont want to know THE TRUTH u want to live in this little bubble of yours were u think that all royals are evil. u are so BIAS speak to both sides if u actually want to HELP BAHRAINIS u all ur doing is making things worse. u know NOTHING about what’s happening here so STAY out of it . and how about u speak more more appropriately next time u post something ur so RUDE.

  34. A


  35. A


  36. jacmelt

    Ok so maybe it’s rude to pick on teenagers when they dont have any power but I’m just sayin’, 18 and 19 is not that young and no matter who they are, this type of attitude to their wealth and to suffering of anyone, especially fellow bahrainians is horrible and it doesn’t speak well to their families that this is how they have raised them to think/behave.

  37. A

    These are teenagers. I personally know them. They have no political power what so ever. Just so everybody knows, you can’t expect a teenager to live up to everyone’s expectations. If you have any problems with the royal family which are one of the KINDEST & NICEST people I have met PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE WHO IS AN ADULT WITH POLITICAL POWER. How old are you anyways to pick on TEENS? Grow up & get your facts straight. You seriously disgust me. Please visit Bahrain & I would like you to meet with a representative of the royal family. Only then will you take back all of what you’ve said. It makes me really angry because I personally know them & I’m watching false information being written about them. Again please DO NOT PICK ON THE TEENS OF THE FAMILY & someone stated this before, not ALL AL-KHALIFAS have political power. Thank you

    1. Wyrken

      You know them? Bullshit!

      1. Thajba Al Khalifa

        Yes… WYREKN they know me. :)

      2. Juju Al Roumi

        Again an example of someone who does not know what hes talking about .. almost every person that posted something in our deffence knows us personally un like you and the, i wouldnt call idiot, person with the not fully developed mind that posted this.

  38. Juju Al Roumi

    Wow ! A blog about me and Thajba how nice..
    This isn’t the way I wanted to be famous, but ok. I just have one thing to say, WHY did u not post what NICK said to me for me to reply in such a way? When I have random people blaming me for what’s going on in bahrain with VERY rude comments, that are actually personal and not at all about the political situation, I WILL not give them an answer to JUSTIFY anything, because they were never polite to begin with. Second you have no idea why people don’t have any sympathy for the LULU protesters, and you will never understand. Unlike you people in bahrain know the big picture which has been exposed BUT as always the media tends to neglect the facts to turn the story into a dramatic one that will grab the viewers attention. The whole point behind the LULU protest is the withdrawl of the Royal Family to slowly turn Bahrain into a Shia Islamic State, like what happened in Iran and in Iraq. The Conspiracy of Khumeini’s dictatorship plan has been revealed, it included many steps which included the following: – Making the protest look like its for Human Rights which they are Certainly not deprived of! The government provides free housing, medical care, education, unemployment fundings, and rights to vote etc. Which brings me to the point that these protesters do NOT represent the SHIA population of bahrain. They are infact a small group of shia that have been funded and provided by weapons from IRAN. Many of Shia’s in bahrain are wealthy and hold very high working statuses in the government. – Given the fact that the government would not accept these suggestions made by protesters, the second step was to willingly stay and project an image to the world that HH King Hamad does not see the point in listening to the protesters which made them stay longer and change their demands to a drastic change in Government. – when the protesters decided to stay over night they knew Bahrains DF would step in and so they were given orders as I said from Iran ( Hezballah to be more Specific ) to use media in ways that gave a negative image of the DF, the reason? Very simple so the world would sympathize.. Smart move I give them credit for that, Emotions is the most powerful way to have people on your side. Its a very complex situation not many can understand. For years these people have been destroying national property and writing phrases like death to al khalifa and sunna on walls , anually burning tires and causing chaos in the country. Instead of assuming you know your facts you should take the time to research such things. As for the picture that I agree is very disturbing, do u know what made this man end up like that? He and 3 others attaked the DF in attempt to kill one of the police officers, 2 countinuasly stabbed the officer and this man piked up a brick and was going to drop it on the officers head to kill him, before he could do that another officer shot him to save the life of the very brutaly abused officer. For more information to help u understand the situation please visit http://www.peacebahrain.com and watch all the videos then you will understand the true situation in bahrain . To correct you, I’m not from the royal family I’m Kuwaiti, and I carry a kuwaiti passport my mom is from the royal family (soos u sound like ur some jealous child) who after getting divorced from my dad got martried to another royal. And Thajba is a close relative of the king she is not dis owned she’s a respectable young lady her grandmother is the kings aunt. Please refrain from making very stupid accusations inorder to get attention it only makes you look like an idiot. Btw I am 19, and thajba is 18 we have no say in any of the political matters taking place, but when rude and vulgar comments are thrown at us, what else could we say to a bunch of very childish people who have no idea what they are talking about.

    1. Thajba Al Khalifa

      Hi.. its the “princess” here.

      Thank you for publicly making yourself look like a moron because the tweets you posted were even before the situation. Again.. LOOOOOOOOOOL.

      REFER TO THE COMMENT ABOVE ME…. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT AT LEAST A 100 TIMES. Juju stated everything the media FAILS to show you and why. You think being a young woman I would seriously encourage such brutality? I have a heart and I’m human.


      Thank you Grumpy Owl… Love you xoxo

  39. B

    excuse me but this just made me laugh my frickin ass off..
    how on gods green earth did u think of this? listen u fucktard you absolutely have no fucking right to talk about these 2 girls in that way since they have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. for fucks sake theyre teenage girls who have nothing to do with whatevers going on.. and if you dont live here dont judge u retard. u think whoever is from the al khalifa family can say something and order people to do it? umm.. heloo? and u soos girl yal soosa im sure you can go find a corner to fuck urself in i know juju personally and she is a decent young girl.. i think ur just jealous LOL jst being honest here.. her mum whored herself into the family? umm .. excuse me but who the fuck are you to talk about the girl and her family in such way? and you fucktard that wrote this blog whoever the hell you are.. neither the princess nor juju have anything to do with this what the fuck were u thinking picking on teenage 18-19 year old girls?! show some balls come over to bahrain and say this in public, ur a disgrace to whatever family yu belong to and whatever country you belong to..
    and soos.. lat5aleeni a9eeeeeeedich!
    get your facts straight my dearest ryan oakley and dearest soos and all the other assholes and bitches that picked on princess nd juju.
    cosider removing this blog as well you’re in for something bigger than u’ll ever be u douche bag.

  40. Fkhan

    I have to say that coz of this blog..I abused these 2 young ladies. However I have to say that consequently I have learnt they are a) very young b) they made horrible remarks in response to vile comments that were made @ them..and that I have personally seen on their twitter pages c) JujuW has apologised for those comments and tried v.politely and respectfully to explain the situation in Bahrain d) she has expressed regret at the loss of life and e) even condemned Gaddafi’s monstrous actions. I don’t think it is fair to attack and demonise young people simply because they r privileged and to be fair the situation in Bahrain is v.complex and it is very difficult to judge without some background/context and until it is resolved.

  41. demize!

    And case in point. These “princesses” in question live a life of oppulance,due not to any talent creativity or even ambition, but solely by accident of birth. There privileged lifestyle is afforded by the people they disdain. Are they concerned with the turmoil in their country, the torture their family metes out, the dead, no, only to refute the gossipy slings and arrows of twitter. You are essentially wannabees, you ape what you think is hip in America, but you reveal yourself as no more than internally colonized fools. GET A FUCKING JOB!

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Demize, Royalty in bahrain isnt what you think it is. everyone gets an education and then gets a job. i graduated and enrolled at a University in Florida, im very well educated, I have had many exhibitions for my art work, and i currently volunteered to work as an art teacher at a government school due to the situation that had many teachers ,who are shia and are one of the protesters at the roundabout, not attend school. You my dear have no right to foolishly assume that we live in a palace, wear gowns, and enjoy royal balls. You obviously dont know what the arabian gulf is like, not in terms of people or state !

    2. Juju Al Roumi

      Its not animal planet, what you are reffering to as torture dear was an act of self deffence. Read the comments, my post to be exact and try to understand the situation. go to the website i posted, watch all the videos and then give an opinion instead of making a fool out of your slef

  42. demize!

    Oh, I forgot t add LOOOOOL! Gag…

  43. M

    rumor has it JUJU is a lesbian

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Ones attempt to bring another down with words, just projects the fact that he is already beneath what he wishes to be.. ;)

  44. The Chairman

    Wow, some of the wannabees are getting upset.
    Defending “royals” (of one and a half generation linage)
    Imaginary knights to the rescue of “princesses” posting death threads in all caps…
    As always “the trouble is caused by outside forces”
    and most people here “support our government”
    yeah right – until it falls.

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Bahrain has a population of 1.234 million, 500,000 of which support the government..30,000 is the number of protesters on LULU roundabout, the rest chose to not take sides, you do the math.
      Source CNN. :)

      1. The Chairman

        Population of 1.234 million? So now you are counting the 667 000 of semi slave guest labour as your population?
        Convenient when it suits you – and they choose not to take sides? Or else…
        Juju – you’ve been brainwashed.

  45. Juju Al Roumi

    I rest my case, i think the comment i posted is enough to explain what is going on in Bahrain, but like ignorant people, some chose to simply ignore it.

  46. ELWA7SH

    Demize! hahahahahaha ur obviously very VERY jealous. you dont know how royalty is like okay? so shut the fuck up u douche bag. They are well educated and get jobs. And about not getting a job? there are many woman who dont have a job because ITS OKAY in the arab world, but most choose to work. SO MIND UR OWN BUISNEzzZ. We can chose to be housewives& just sit home, but we dont! so fuck you. You really have nothing to say so u just make up shit huh? do that in america honey, we dont allow that here. 00100 I AM A MOTHERFUCKIN BEAST !!!!! THE TRANSLATION OF MY NAME RITE DERE. DAMN. you people are just jealous. This blog will DEF be reported, and ill make u suckers feel sorry that u ever disrespected bahrainis ever again! EL BAHRAIN TAJ RASKOM W KLKOM 3LA 3EEERY. ( suck my cock sooooooooooos uhhhhhh)

  47. Fatma

    Wow. I cant believe this blogger really…. You completely changed the story 360 degrees. All i have to say is that PLEASE read JUJU;s comments. because everything she wrote is TRUE i am a Bahraini myself. I dont know her, but I know that she is right because this is whats really happening in Bahrain!! and im glad she explained it well with facts, to shut u ppl up! because all you do is make rumors and spread them! Get a life people!! instead of arguing politics when you dont even know ANYTHING, ur nothing but a bunch of morons, acting like kids. this is what you normally do? Spread false rumors. all i have to say is what goes around comes around, and karma is a b**** excuse my lang. another thing is that u have no rights what so ever to interfere with such things, and interfere with our country. US BAHRAINIS ARE HAPPY WITH THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE. please watch the news before talking about bahrain, i bet you never even heard of it before this happened! You cant even locate it in a map! if i explain myself ill go on and on. But ill stop cuz i know im better than this, and if you ppl were smart enough u wouldnt have started this stupid blog!!!!!!!!! and people who comment dont even know whats going on they jst say shit. GET A LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE jeez

  48. Juju Al Roumi


    I suggest you take a look at this :)


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DREAM ROSE? KEEEP DREAMING !!! The people who are hatin? keeeeepppp hatin. cuz you dnooo shitt. stop actin like u know wut u talkin bout. I AM A SHIA BAHRAINI WHO LOVES AND SUPPORTS THE ROYAL FAMILY. yes i am a “SHEE3I” “””SHIA””””” make sure u right that down. STOP MAKIN UP SHIT WHEN U Dont know whats goinnnn on like what others said!! No i donno Ms thajba or ms juju but i respect them, and what they had said was absoloutlyyy 100 % true. and NO idont talk politics or any of that…. but all i know is that everything the blogger has wrote are lies lies and more lies.! even the comments? maaan you people are funny. JEALOUS HATERS. SHIIA & SUNNA FOR LIFE. WE LOVE BAHRAIN AND THE RULING FAMILY!!!!! <3<3<3

  50. Jesse

    Woowee, that’s a lot of trolling. I think this must be a record. Can we have a statistician confirm that? Also, Grammar and Punctuation are rolling in their graves because they are clearly dead.

  51. A7med

    @Juju Al Roumi and @Thajba Al Khalifa.

    Royalty or money doesn’t matter so don’t consider yourself higher than anyone else. We were born this way, yah we might seem to be ordinary people but each one of us has a heart and cares about people. the way you talk is selfish and bitchy with no respect or care to the people of bahrain but defending your family’s honor like they’ve done nothing wrong.

    If you weren’t so brainwashed and blinded from the truth then come to the streets of bahrain and witness the atmosphere that we are living on. You say that we envy you? never we have, we pitey you for being so into this world that your own people don’t matter to you nor anyone else but yourself.

    I’m not here to defend or clear facts, anyone with conciouns and has eyes can see and feel them.

    The way you are raised is that you are right and everyone is wrong so is the way the king is, he’s born to see his father using force against people and when he grew up he thought he was a big shot and everything he does to people is concidered a “Makrma”. not to mention him using nicknames that only belong to allah such as 9a7b el 3a’6ma or lafdh al jalalh. So you can see at a point he started to consider himself a god, whatever that means. and as this grew inside him he thought the way he uses to silence people and give “makramat” to others is giving him respect as Ruler. So as he hates Shia people he wants to spite them by giving their brothers the sunni more rewards/positions and leaving the worst for them, and im not blaming the sunni people because its not their fault.
    now he has a plan, whenever shia people come out asking to be treated fairly he brings out riot police and even the army at a point to use brute force against them then uses bahrain TV to say he’s sorry and i dont doubt he will be laughing at the way he tricks people. To have people on his side, he used money to his side by giving the sunni people more positions and rewards they got used to this lifestyle so he asks them if they don’t be on his side he’ll take these away. and this brings us to another point, bahrain TV uses 6a2fya to shut the people up, everyone sunni and shia and start civil war or something like that. but no, this time the people are united and we won’t stand any bahraini being treated unfairly.
    this is the 21st generation, princeses nor kings dont exist. everyone has a voice, isn’t that what you have missed during all these years of your Away from Regular people’s lives?

    You can’t make accusations about people you haven’t lived with, only humanity and willing to help the people is what makes princess true and exist which in your case you don’t have none but you use sarcasm and make fun of the way they live and you say its fated? well, let me tell you this. the people of bahrain won’t let this dictator play with their feelings and lives anymore. Victory is our fate and power to the people.

    No army no matter how large it is can stand against innocent people who are peaceful and seek freedom, democracy and being treated fairly.

    Just one thing to remind you, These sacrifices made by the people of bahrain won’t stop until this dectatorship system is removed. you’re talking about iran, bahrain is not iran and it will never be. we are here brothers, sunni and shia’a will live together until judgment day which I may say you probably don’t believe in.

    kl ‘6alm leh yoom, o garab yoomk ya 7amad.

    1. Thajba

      A7med. This is why well never understand ba3a’9 l2na we both misunderstand each other. I have a million shee3a friends w amoot 3alaihm its not like were some high powers that never mingle with people. If you’re bahraini… Seriously roo7 w es2al who I am o you’ll see shkthr nas y3rfooni that r friends wyay. You cant sit there and say ena el malik maga6 sawah shay. Entw ma’9lomeen? The parliament n9a shee3a w there are some shee3a families that are richer than some of el nas min al khalifa. Al aali, al jishi, al hawaj etc. Tara mithl ma entw 3abalkm ena e7na fahmeenkm ‘3ala6 ent b3d fahmeena ‘3ala6 o ‘9almna. O 9a7 kil ‘9alem lah yooma. There has never been a devision ban sina w shee3a or nas min al khalifa. Shaklik u don’t have any al khalifa friends to now how mtwa’93een we are. El malik would never want a civil war.. Trust me I would know. Please don’t assume 3aib 3alaina e7na mslmeen wnswee fe b3’9 chthee. Anyways 3al 3moom… Just wanted to wa’97 things.

    2. Viceroy of Arabia

      Idiotic lunitic, you are a commie just confess, we dont hang around ppl with lower classes not because they are lower, because many of them are criminals.The protesters are agents of the corrupted mullahs go to hell kufr.We believe in Allah why should we worship their 12 imams?

      1. Juju Al Roumi

        Im pretty sure *Viceroy of Arabia* knows exactly what i am talking about ,,
        Thank you

  52. Jawaher

    ROFLMFAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Fucking Ass Off. WOW. You people clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? Juju,Thajba, stop commenting. Clearly he’s doing this on puprose because nobody would distort the truth THIS much. You have a good day sir “Grumpy Owl”… Pfft..

    Soos? Really now. Seriously this is all one huge joke to me. Toodles.

    1. intersardon

      Dear Grumpyowl,

      Thanks a lot for that insightful article. As a French national, and after reading the various comments made by royalty members, i want to add that some of our guillotines which did a pretty good job at that time are still on display here in Paris. They’re still in perfect working conditions and can be lent for practical purposes.
      I suggest they be sent to Bahrain to add symbolism to efficiency.
      Good day.

  53. A7med

    I speak with concionce, You don’t want to believe the truth, that’s just great.
    May god be my witness, I have said the truth and more.
    If you don’t believe in god or judgement day and decide to live your life on others efforts then that’s your choice.
    Also, I dont regret anything about my life. atleast im living an honest life and I wont lose anything if i have a little fate. infact, on judgement day the truth will be cleared then again why should you fear judgement day ? you’re going to be alive here forever, right?

    Life is what we choose it to be, we make sacrifices, we take chances.
    in the end all our actions will be witnessed by god and questioned.

    “LOL” at this too, hoe

    And ofcourse killers won’t admit killing their victims.

    If the truth doesn’t come out today, it will tommorow so don’t be so dumb.

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Again with the religious refrence! ahmed Baqer, a man with a so called religious background should know better.
      In islamic teachings god does not give anyone the right to judge someone when it comes to his or her islamic faith. Only god knows about ones loyalty tawords him. please stop using religion as a an excuse, or as a way to project a man with honest intuition to the readers.
      instead of throwing across very foolish comments like that, speak in a more political manner and prove me wrong.

  54. adam

    i love how all the ruling family is here talking shit about shia’s, yes you scub they are the problem not you. A country that is 70% shia is ruled by it’s minority and the only why the dispot and his herd stay in charge is because they have the 5th fleet to protect them.

    you guys are a joke you really think anyone is going to believe your bullshit story about shia this and shia that, remember you were a state of Iranian and only got away when the Brits decided to take over

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Nice one, I didn’t say anything u just initiated that Bahrain is iranian, which is baisically stating this is a way of Iran trying to take over again. Mr Adam I don’t know you let me just say inorder to clear things out for you. Bahrain was not an iranian state after the Brits and Portuguese took over Ahmed Al-Fateh the great grandfather of all alkhalifas came is through sea, and with the Bahrainies approval he was the one that took over. Are you going to put aside the fact that if it wasn’t for him, Bahrain would have been dominated by europe? Al-khalifas made Bahrain they slowly turned this country into what it is today. Not Iran. Its people like you that caused this whole thing.be thankful for what you have Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. Let me assure you this iranian shiite islamic state your trying to form, is leading us tawords a new world order, and like iran is going through chaos, you won’t be able to handle the changes either. Democracy? No honey pure dictatorship. Ask your self this question, how is bahrain different from the other countries that succeeded in their revolutions? Bahrain is one of the 5 countries that has an american base for the us navy. Which is why the authorities did not participate in any of the events. You know why? Because at the end of the day its a challenge for power between The US agenda vs. The Iranian agenda. Both trying to take over. Clearly the US is wining. The conspiracy has been exposed, the parties involved have been identified, everything is out in the open. Its just a matter of time.

    2. Juju Al Roumi

      And correction i didnt talk shit about shiite .. i said the protesters do not represent the shiite population of bahrain, its a group of shiites that are supported by hezballah and other iranian authorities so dont twist my words

  55. adam

    To all the “royalty” replying to this blog, give my regards to when you see them
    Uday Hussein
    Qusay Hussein

  56. Juju Al Roumi

    Adam and a7med ..
    Peacful u say ? Are you going to sit there and honestly say that no weapons were found at the roundabout? Are you going to say that the video taken was not clear to show that the protesters were wide awake and were refusing to leave? Are you going to also say the protesters did not engage in a dispute amongst each other a few days ago because some want reform and others are just focusing on the withdrawl of alkhalifa? I have nothing against shiites in bahrain, I grew up with many and a lot of my friends come from well known shiite families. Another question, did u not see the reports on the parties involved in the conspiracy? Do u really not know its a plan funded and supported by hezballah? How do you explain the annual terorist acts that happen and eventually the people responsible for it are exposed, funny how everyone that has ever been part of these acts since the early 90, is shiite that is oddly suporting or is one of the organizers of what’s hapening. Are you seriously going to lie and say the people on the roundabout are more than the people representing pro government? Are you also going to say that bahrain has a population of 70 percent shiite bahrain citizens, when that one of the oldest statistics? The numbers have changed. HH king hamad has done so much, and I’m won’t bother saying more my post earlier was pretty clear and comes with a video to support my facts and links to articles. Stop it you have turned bahrain into a chaotic battle field, people around the world are not to be blamed to think the way they do about it. You know the truth I won’t beg you to admit it.

  57. Juju Al Roumi

    And one more thing Ahmed. Sunni’s and Shiites brothers and sisters? Really ? ahmed the sunni that are participating in the lulu roundabout protest are :
    Ebrahim Sharif
    Reem Khalifa
    Ali Fakhro
    all of which took part in organizing this amongst a few others. The rest of the people are shiite. the thing with you guys ( im refering to Lulu supporters ) are not giving me facts. Ahmed all i can get from what you posted was a sort of religiously modified answer. Your going to tell me to watch the video posted by the protesters? watch the video that I posted, its clearly a stronger evidence. If you go on Youtube you will also come across many videos that show HOW the videos posted by the protesters are made in a way to show one side of the story.
    Your religious termenology ” may god witness i have said nothing but the truth ” and ” These sacrafices ” .. sacarafices ? for what? just human rights ? but ahmed the pro government is also supportive of that but under the same ruling family, you also said and i quote ‘These sacrifices made by the people of bahrain won’t stop until this dectatorship system is removed ” .. proves my point it has always been that, and nothing more …

    If you really want to talk about it in religious terms ahmed.. you Said and i quote “we are here brothers, sunni and shia’a will live together until judgment day which I may say you probably don’t believe in.” You are talking in an attempt to show that you are a man of religious beliefs .. One of the oldest ISLAM rules of the book that we all know ” NOBODY HAS THE SAY IN WHO OR WHO IS NOT MUSLIM, GOD IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN JUDGE A PERSONS LOYALTY TAWORDS HIM. A PERSON OF GOOD DEED AND NO RELIGIOUS PRACTICE MAY GO TO HEVAN, AND A MAN WHO CLAIMS HOLLINESS MAY GO TO HELL JUST BY THE IGNORANCE HE HAS NEGLECTED IN STATING WEATHER OR NOT A PERSON IS HONEST TO HIM SELF DEEP INSIDE ”

    stop using religion to prove your point, i already said earlier they way you were told to do this was by using MEDIA and EMOTIONS for people to sympathize and well done your doing a great job. Now though is a conversation between both of us bahraini citizens, give me facts, statistics, history refrences, and visuals to prove your point.. honest to god and may god be my witness, will not do the trick. I live here I KNOW for a fact what im talking about.. pointing fingers in the name of shame and religion… ? Ahmed thats pathetic ..

  58. father.lobo

    all kings ad royalty is pure B.S the days of fairy tales is over these ppl must go away.
    Nobody is better than the anyone else. The only 4 kings that should remain are the kings in the playing cards. All other royalty is not needed.
    father lobo

  59. Juju Al Roumi

    Ahmed baqer and adam
    you both kept refering to the situation as a national situation rather than a religious one. you tell me sunnis and shiites .. really ? they say a picture is worth a thousand words, i have many pictures for you to explain.

    why on earth would a sunni protester against government be holding pictures of iranian dictators ? you tell me hezballah has nothing to do with it ? does that yellow flag look llike something you might have come across before ?

    if it was really about rights, you would admit the fact that the pro government supports the supposadly the same demands you seek. which are unity of bahrains people, human rights, and a peacful bahrain EXACTLY the demands you want not including the Ruling Families Withdrawl.. explain that to me ?

    I’ll leave you with the pictures :





  60. adam

    you are totally brainwashed if you believe a small minority has the right to rule over the majority, and even more brainwashed if you think someones bloodline gives them a right to rule over anyone else. But i’m not even joking you guys remind me Uday Hussein, Qusay Hussein did you guys know them by any chance??? don’t lie i bet you cried when they got what was coming to them.. i won’t lose sleep over what is coming to your “royal” house

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      if your going to call 500,000 people representing pro government a minority compared to 36,000..
      Then we really do need reform because your math teacher clearly did a bad job.

    2. Juju Al Roumi

      Your comment is just like the one you posted earlier, you keep telling me i am brainwashed .. and stating that minority is not going to rule of majority.

      Is it that you dont understand my response/ question, do you want me to rephrase in simplar form, or is it just the fact that you chose to ignore my facts and start cussing me out ? wow, for a person trained for so long and doing great in reporting dramatic events to media, you clearly were not taught what to say when someone like me comes along with sources ..

  61. adam

    don’t worry though some wahabis will soon come over from Arabia to restore order on your little hermit kingdom. Don’t you guys relieve you are a joke to the world? don’t you relieve no matter how much daddy and mommy told you people enjoy you ruling over them… IT IS NOT FUCKING TRUE??????????

    1. Juju Al Roumi

      Adam thank you AGAIN for proving me right, your refering to Sunni sect as “Wahabi’s” ..

      I thought you said sunni shiite brothers ? Very well proven.

  62. B

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA u bitches make me laugh tooo much … yes grammar and punctuation are rolling in our graves yal siflaa we’re not in school, u dont like it? go find a corner and finger urself babe. atleast we know how to defend our country and we know the truth unlike you fuckers that are twisting the story 180 degrees. u dont fucking know whats going on so stop making up shit from ur assholes and ur dladee’3 and listen to this bitches … i’m a shia too just like THEBADDEST and i’m with my country and i love my country. i love and support the royal family! what happened in bahrain is obviously something you dont know SHIT about ! so stop adding fuel to the fire with these stupid lame ass comments u fuckheads and get a life. bnga7ba ur all the way in madri wain and your making up shit.. if u dont know what the fucks going on then FUCKING STOP TALKING SHIT! about thajba, about juju, or ANY OTHER BAHRAINI! Eminem once said “you can jump on shady’s dick” that goes out to all u hatersss out thereeeeeeeeee

  63. Paul

    You don’t modernize monarchies, you don’t make blue blood look nice and trendy, you do not go from old silk to new Armani; you declare the republic and kick those leeches ass once and for all.

  64. Anonymous

    First of all, the revolution in bahrain had started since the day the first bahraini’s blood was spilled by Al khalifa -the ruling family-.

    Secondly, bahrain TV has no credibilty and is one sided or else why wouldn’t they show the truth about the massacre that happened on thursday morning when sleeping protestors were fired with tear gas and rubber bullets. however, instead they made a video saying they warned people and regarding the injuries to the police, both were proved to be Fabricated by the BBC.

    Also, saying that the protestors had guns and swords, the people are poor so tell me how can they afford to buy such guns that they have no access to because they are forbidden in bahrain. after the massacre happened, it’s obvious that it was a setup because they intended to harm people as the video made was Fabricated and the guns were new, anyone with a brain can realise that when they took over pearl square with brute force that they could easily put guns and swords in people’s tents.

    Anywhere in the world the army protects the people but in bahrain the army kills the people because the army is simply made of Mercenaries who are brought from outside of bahrain and don’t even speak arabic. or else why would they fire at people ? unless it’s an order from the king who’s scared of losing his throne, being prosecuted for his crimes against humanity and being proved to steal money from people.

    the ruling family is feeling dangered by unarmed peaceful civilians? seriously, it’s the king who knows he is soon to be gone as he’s simply ruthless.

    also, whenever there are protests in bahrain, the ruling family uses Bahrain TV to enlighten Sectarian but this time they’ve failed because Sunni and shia are united together under the best for their country. we are all bahrainis except for the people who don’t have any concience and are lured by money to defend the ruling family.

    what’s happening in bahrain is that the riot police are the ones starting riots, they shoot at unarmed protestors who wouldn’t fight back but simply will stand strong because they are loyal to their country and would give their soul for it.

    The peaceful rights won’t stop until justice is served which in this case the removal of the ruling family who have over 120 billion dollars in their bank accounts.

    finally, if you think you know anything in bahrain you wouldn’t be so blind like in your case you are.

    The world must know the truth, that the people in bahrain are really peaceful and their king doesn’t deserve them as he chooses to kill them at any chance and justify it in anyways possible which in the case of thursdays pearl square massacre they put guns and swords in peoples tents.

    You can’t start democracy with the person that spilled your people’s blood, no this time the revolution won’t stop. bahrain deserves the best and if it means losing our souls, it doesn’t matter because we love bahrain to the core.

    just admit it that bahrain’s government is a failure.
    if you can’t admit that then you don’t want the best for your country and only care about money.

    You don’t deserve a reply btw. bitch

  65. A7med

    Payback is going to be sweet, bitch.

  66. Juju Al Roumi

    I didnt ask for your Opinion on whats happening, i gave you facts. Everything i have mentioned is on the internet, give me statistics, give me videos, and give me pictures. I have not came accross any respose that includes any type of source that can back up what he or she has said.

    Ahmed, your just proving me right with your foolish replies. :)
    Payback is a bitch ? payback lol nice one ..

    Al-khalifa did not come and take over, they did not spill any innocent blood. Its the god damn internet look up Bahrain history .. :)
    If it wasn’t for Al-khalifa you would be wishing to live in a place like you do now. Its not a competition, so stop saying things like “payback” .. I provided you with some very long responses to your previous posts. Instead of “warning” me how about you try to prove me wrong.

    1. Thajba Al Khalifa

      They literally just proved themselves wrong on the blog in front of everyone. You’re giving straight out FACTS and videos and history, they’re giving plain words and lies. The fact that he completely ignored my nice comment, only shows that he knows this has nothing to do with “rights”. He ignored the fact that I mentioned how the shiites in Bahrain are actually treated better than some or most of Al Khalifa. Honey, if anybody needs to complain it should be ME. LETS ALL PLEASE BE HONEST HERE. This has nothing to do with rights or the bullshit you guys preach. This is a 400 year old battle you can’t get over.. because in your puny brain you think Bahrain belongs to Iran. You’re so brainwashed by the religious “sheikhs” in your mosques and I seriously feel bad. You guys are a DISGRACE to the rest of the Shiites in Bahrain, because not one shiite I’ve met feels the same way. Wake up sweety, the whole country hates you and your useless drama/bitch fits and tire burning. I’ve met so many shiites that expose what you guys talk about between yourselves, and the pressure you guys are under from Iran. There is really no point in me answering because your twisted beliefs will never change. May god be with you when “Mahdi” comes and “helps” you. I’d love to see that.

      Juju, babe. There is really no point in answering anymore. I think we proved how civilized we are.. people can refer to your previous comments for the hard-cold truth. Ygool el mathal.. “El Klab tnb7 wl 8afela taseeer” ;).

      As long as Bahrain knows who’s right.. Who cares what these people think? I think over 500,000 people coming to support us, vs 30,000 on a (ROUNDABOUT NOT A SQUARE), proves everything.

      W tbga el mamlika khaleeeeefeeya ;). Juuj safheeeelihum min elyoom o ray7 o 3a6eehm a7la seeeeeeen.

      1. Juju Al Roumi

        Thagooba im actually enjoying these comments, its funny how everytime i say something he says bitch or payback or god knows ! lol … its rather entertaining

  67. Viceroy of Arabia

    The protesters are agents of the evil mullahs and iran is planning an invasion of arabia.

  68. Juju Al Roumi

    Nice and simple ..
    invasion of arabia. Started with the Iranian revolution which was a complete mess in terms of *reform*, Iraq which again is chaotic, lebanon who has been taking part in an on-going civil war, and now Bahrain.

    All comes down to the invasion of Iranian authorities that follow cults like Hezballah. Go on youtube im pretty sure you’ll find someone explaining it who is not from Bahrain or the Royal Family

  69. Juju Al Roumi

    In reply to Anonymous

    This is just unbelievable, I am not going to explain the situation for the millionth time.
    Weapons, funding, procedure : Provided by Hezballah
    Organization of events : Ebrahim Sharif, Mushaima’a, with a few other inferior parties
    Videos : you can fabricate a person giving a speech, you can fabricate the time in which events took place. Really, fabricating thousands on a roundabout and officers infront of them and some people responding to the officers demand, think of something smarter. Its not a japaneese animation

  70. Juju Al Roumi


    I also forgot to mention, the protesters have a majority of shiite’s i would say from 97% and higher. Where as the Pro government supports are Sunni’s, Shiite’s, Bahaii’s, and secular.
    I highly recommend you, ahmed, and adam refrain from posting any more comments that simply portray your personal opinions on this matter.

  71. Juju Al Roumi

    Whats really fascinating is the resemblance between Ahmed’s comments and Anonymous. Correct me if i am wrong. I think im noticing a pattern in dialogue in terms of self expression..
    You cant miss the word ” Bitch ” at the end of every response they leave.

    Instead of trying to forcefully proving your point with various accounts try to engage in an actual conversation with me, or at least put a little more effort into your attempt and dont make it so obvious ..

  72. Ryan Oakley

    This is the first time I’ve commented here.

    I am now going to shut down the comments.

    I have attempted to allow every comment. JuJu and the Princess have been afforded a fair chance to state their case. At this point, everyone is just repeating themselves.

    I’ve trashed some comments because they were simply long-winded, abusive ramblings that did nothing to further the discussion. Often made out of cobbled together hip-hop lyrics and the like. It should be noted that all of these came from supporters of the regime.

    I would also like to point out that some people in this comment section have been commenting under a variety of different names. To the best of my knowledge, this has also only been done by supporters of the regime.

    I would like to be clear though – to the best of my knowledge, this has not been done by JuJu. She seems to have been open throughout.

    That’s much more than I can say for many of the faceless cowards who have leveled threats against me without having the cojones to sign their name.

    What I can tell you about this post is that it was a simple attempt to relay what struck me as a shocking attitude by the Bahrain elite towards the murder of its citizens.

    I attempted to be honest about what I saw, what I thought about what I saw and to openly relay my own biases towards monarchy.

    The tone and content of many of the comments here has done little to change those thoughts.

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