Nov 27

Sherlock Holmes Meerschaum Pipe

I only rarely smoke from this pipe and never in public. Being large, ostentatious and fragile, I dislike my pipes to upstage me. Plus I’m not even a Sherlock Holmes fan. Like Jesus, he’s a bit of a know-it-all.

A friend picked this up for me in Turkey. I had given him money to buy some meerschaum pipes as they’re much cheaper in their homeland than they are there.  I didn’t bother to tell him that they’re often used to smuggle heroin. He got an excellent deal and bought me two. I like them both.

When paired with the right tobacco, this pipe provides an amazingly smoke. Meerschaum smooths and cools even the strongest tobaccos.

Today, the wife is out and I’m smoking some McClelland Old Dog.

While I wouldn’t call this dark blend of Virginas, Cavendish, Cyprian Latakia and Macedonian Xanthia, particularly strong, it does produce bomb-blasts of smoke. It’s a perfect match for a large meerschaum.

A single bowl in this pipe provides about an hour of contemplative smoking and, when done correctly, an hour of contemplative smoking should provide . . .

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  1. deejus

    “The right kind of tobacco.” I see what you did there. Even though you probably weren’t lying. Hope it was enjoyable…*whispers* my fellow ent

  2. Jeffrey Kahrs

    I have the same pipe purchased from http://www.meerschaumpipe.us the we site of Storient Meerschaum..

    I love those meers


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