Jul 02

Tobacco Tin Made Into Big Muff

I have some pretty clever comrades.

One of these, an incomparable chap who probably doesn’t want his name used, has long collected my empty pipe tobacco tins in order to repurpose them into various electronic devices – most of which have something to do with music.  A while ago, he hosted a little workshop where he taught a few people how to make such things.  I only recently got a look at one of the devices.

Ian Blurton's "Big Muff"

This is a Big Muff made by Ian Blurton (iconic musician/producer and notorious gear hound)   out of an old tin of Symphony Pipe Tobacco.  This blend is not in my regular rotation and I can’t remember how it tasted.  I’ve also never heard how this device sounds.  All I really know is that it has a funny name.  (VAGINA!)

But it’s nice to see these tins put to some use.  They always seem too nice to toss out.

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