Dec 15

Already Miss You Roy

Looks like Roy Halladay has been traded to the Phillies.  We all knew it was coming but it’s still hard to say goodbye.   And, as of this writing, I don’t even know what Toronto got for him.  Not enough, I’m sure, but you can’t get enough.

Here’s Roy Halladay when he got drafted.

halladay draft

Look how young and goofy he is there!  Braces?

Who could guess that he’d grow up into the best pitcher in baseball?  Probably the best I’ve ever seen and ever will see in Toronto.  (And yes, that includes Clemens.  Fuck Clemens.  Clemens cheats.)  Doc was a surgeon on the mound.  Off the mound he was a quiet, hard worker.   A Mormon, I believe.

He came up through the Toronto organization.  It wasn’t an easy ride.  Although he almost pitched a no hitter in his second major league start, he completely fell apart in the next seasons.  Roy was sent back to the minors.

He learned to pitch all over again.  He managed to fight his way back into the majors while making himself  into a completely different pitcher.  A great one.  One who does not overpower batters so much as trick them.  But one that can still overpower them.  Watching him work is fascinating.

Over ten years after the beginning, the Toronto part of the Roy Halladay story is over.  At least it didn’t end with that dickhead GM turning Doc into a villain.  Doc didn’t deserve that.  It’s a credit to the Toronto fans that no one fell for it, everyone got angry and the GM lost his job.  Some things are just not done.

Doc deserves to play with a winning team.  Hopefully now he’ll be on one.


I just hope that next year I get to see Roy crush some Yankees in the World Series.

Goodbye Doc, good luck and Godspeed.

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