Mar 21

Fashion Crimes


All of these people are innocent until proven guilty. Their clothes are another story.


Austria Fritzl Trial

WHO:  Josef Fritzl

WHAT: Homicide, enslavement, rape, incest, forced imprisonment and coercion.

Diabolical yet debonair, Josef Fritzl takes two seemingly opposed ideas and combines them.  He has a propensity for this.  Not many people would take their daughter and turn her into a sex slave.  For example.

This silver fox combines a villainous moustache and sinister eyebrows with the pleasant checked coat of an affable patriarch.

He’s a study in matching contrasts.  You could almost imagine sitting in his living room, having a stein of beer while oom-pa-pa plays in the background.  Upon closer inspection you realize that the beer is drugged and the music just covers the screams of the children held prisoner in his basement.

Mr. Fritzl is a rather bad father and certainly not a nice man but he does a decent impression of both.  The expertly rendered tension, between the reality and the illusion, earns him a do.



WHO: Israeli Army

WHAT: Homicide, rape, forced imprisonment and coercion.

When state-employed thugs go off to commit genocide, they have some stylish shoes to fill.  There’s the dashing romance of the Victorian Officer, the stern Hugo Boss efficiency of the Nazis and the madcap zaniness of the Rwandan  Interahamwe.  And now the logo-bearing t-shirts of the Israeli Army?

I don”t think so.

The Israeli shirts that celebrate their most recent slaughter of man, woman and child alike, consist of pictures and slogans:

A pregnant Arab woman in sniper sights with the caption “1 shot 2 kills”; A solider standing next to a bruised young woman that says “Bet You Got Raped”; And a shirt for snipers features a dead Palestinian baby, complete with teddy bear and weeping mother, the slogan being “Better Use Durex.”

All of this would be in good fun but, if the keffiyeh is any indication, spoiled western youth will soon be wearing these shirts for some sort of ironic value.

Just what the world needed.  Another ironic t-shirt.

Thank you Israel.

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