Oct 13

Theatre Reviews

I am now engaged in that most ungentlemanly of pursuits.  Not stockbroking, lawyering or even doctoring but, just as bad, theatre criticism.  Holding this job is almost enough to have one banned from Lucius Beebe’s club, “Coffee House” where the credo is:

“No brokers or bankers and perhaps no drama critics. No card playing. The club to be for sculptors, artists, foreigners, illustrators, authors, editors, professors, sportsmen, lawyers, actors, singers, playwrights, musicians, inventors, composers, statesmen, judges, etc.”

And Lucius Beebe was a gossip columnist.

I’ll be penning my bi-weekly reviews for “Mooney on Theater.”  I first became aware of Ms. Mooney while at  BlogTO, where she is a drama critic.  When I saw that she was looking for people to work for her own site, I decided to apply.  She wanted someone who was not terribly experienced with the theatre and, if I bring one thing to the table, it’s inexperience with the theatre.

Though I’ve never been interested in it, I’m always interested in things that do not interest me.

But this seems in line with the goal of Ms. Mooney’s site.  She endeavors to make theatre “an art form of the masses again.”  While I hold the masses in considerable contempt, I think that everything should be open to them.  It may be the only way to improve them.  Like any man of the people, I hate people.

I’ll let you know when my reviews are published so you can scoot over and read them.

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  1. Tiffany

    Good luck with the reviews, and just have to commend your blog. My mother insists I read entries to her at bedtime. Whatever weans her off “O” magazine.

  2. Ryan Oakley

    Who knew that one could go so easily from “O” magazine to The Grumpy Owl. I thought Penthouse might be between the two.

    But your mother sounds like a wise woman. And you can tell her I said so. I hope she gets out of bed one of these days.

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