Sep 28

A Pipe by Marcel Duchamp

In 1946, Marcel Duchamp carved a pipe for fellow surrealist Enrico Donati, engraved it with the words “Marcel a Enrico” and gave it to his friend.

Though it’s difficult to judge a pipe without smoking it, I like this weird looking contraption.  At first glance, it appears clunky –and it is– but a closer examination reveals that the traditional pipe shape is broken down into its most basic geometry.  Everything but Euclid has been cut out of the wood.

Having said that, Duchamp should not give up his day job.  (If he had one.  Which I doubt.)  I much prefer the look of my green Peterson bent bulldog.

Shalome gave it to me. Although she’s certainly no Marcel Duchamp, she has better taste in pipes.

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  1. jankypanky

    Thanks! I wonder what Greek god gave you that lovely owl next to the pipe?

  2. alexandertroup

    We enter into the broken room by Marcel Duchamp, the last thing he could not do or say, it was the biggest secret, while what is a secret in fine art, that is the ultimate …M.D, pun or event, then again, is the pipe real or throw away, like ready made, which is about thrown away, later on….let us wqait and see and you have my ….electic d.n.a on file , until then alexander troup….junk historian.

  3. Olie

    Thanks for this info. I’m a big fan of both Duchamp and pipes.

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