Nov 17



I can’t claim to be a huge Pacman fan.  It was a bit before my time.  As a youth, I remember that he had been all but replaced by Miss Pacman and, besides, my favorite video games were on the newfangled Nintendo Machine.   I did play some of the arcade ones but I think it was mainly Asteroids.  Or Space Invaders.  I’m not sure.  It was whatever ones they had in the table top format in bars.  And I never got to play them for very long as my demand for quarters would quickly cut into Father’s beer money.

But I do recognize Pacman as a classic.  It’s amazing how well it holds up.  There is great beauty in simplicity and its gameplay is excellent, even if its graphics are not.  So while I lack any nostalgia for Pacman, I still like the steampunk sculpture, “Pacgentleman” by Doktor A.  According to Brass Goggles he has an art show at Cardboard Spaceship that will be going until Nov. 31.

Might be worth checking out if you’re in Santa Cruz, which I am not.

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