Jan 05

UFO's Over O'Hare

When I first heard that a flying saucer was spotted over O’ Hare Airport, my first thought was: A flying saucer? Those things are still around? I figured that was more of a 1950s, Cold-War sort of thing. But pilots and ground crews are insisting that they saw the damn thing so I don’t know what to say.

The O’Hare air traffic controllers managed to double their errors in 2006 and blame an ongoing dispute with management and “horrible morale.” I suppose that it might appear odd that these statistics appeared in the media a few days after the UFO story broke but that could simply be a matter of public interest.

Needless to say, I’m skeptical about the existence of kitschy alien spacecrafts. But I also don’t buy the FAA’s explanation of strange clouds. So that leaves me waiting for more information. Luckily, it’s always easy to get the straight dope from UFO enthusiasts, the government and the media. All great institutions populated by great people. Just great. Fine and dandy.

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