Jun 18

THEY KNOW IT – second parassitosis

THEY KNOW IT – second parassitosis from Scars [Video Project] on Vimeo.

Jun 11


Just a little bit of afternoon tv.

Telemotions from NYX on Vimeo.

Jun 10

“She Know Karate” by Priscilla G

Priscilla G Karate Music Video from Upstairs Records on Vimeo.

Jun 05

Lobo and the Metal Owl


I’ll get to it. But first, let’s catch up a little.

I’ve ordered some stuff through the mail or the internet or whatever it’s called and it’s started coming in. Actually, I think it’s done coming in.

First of all, I got a new pair of shoes.


And while I was looking at those, I saw these.


And so you know what I had to do.


And while I was doing that, I did a bit of this.


All the better for the

2013-08-10 14.06.44

and more practical than the


which, still happens, all the time, but, I need canvas shoes because


and that’s not fucking around. Leather shoes are great at night but during the day? In the summer? I’m no fucking cowboy. Fuck that.

Just be happy I’m not wearing flip-flops and my t-shirt on my head. As if it’s any of your business what I do anyway.

As a matter of fact, fuck you.

2013-12-13 20.01.46

And Merry Christmas, I guess.

Anyway, if you look past the glaring sun for a minute, you’ll notice that it gets a cool at night. Sometimes I lack the inclination or opportunity to effect a whole costume change, so I also got this golden A’s starter jacket.


Lobo loves the thing.


Go A’s. Etc.

But it’s not all fun and games. Aside from getting close to finishing the first draft of another novel, I’ve been doing some work in the yard. I think this drought may be for real.


Whoops sorry. That’s the map of American meth labs. That’s probably for real too.

But I meant this


Anyway, I think this drought may be, like, forever. It might just be how things are now. So I decided to start switching some of the little areas around the house into drought resistant gardens that  don’t use much water and might not, you know, burst into fucking flames and burn my life down. That means succulents.

IMG_20140605_184614Now this is the important part of the post, far as I’m concerned – so pay attention Oakley because I don’t want you to forget the names of these plants: The ones on the sides are called Esheveria gibbiflora Crest. The one center and back is Jade Plant ‘Gollum.’ Front and center is aloe vera. Obviously.

Like a lot of what I’ve built(?) around here, it’s made from the ambient stuff (ahem, junk) that was laying around when we moved in. And that’s about the last of it. I was able to use most of what I found and what I couldn’t use I traded for work done by local . . . Characters. Yeah, let’s just call them characters and leave it at that. Whatever they are, they did really good work and I got a good deal. So did they. It all seemed to work out.  When I finished digging the holes and moving the stones I enjoyed a nice, freshly squeezed lemonade.


and returned to the garden to put a metal owl on it. (The garden, not the drink, there was no room on the drink for a metal owl.) I sat back.

While Lobo, (and Davy too) are pretty brave when it comes to pitbulls.


Lobo has some strong (and scared) feelings about metal owls.

And that’s how this post came to be called “Lobo and the Metal Owl.”

Even though the important thing is that I remember the name of those fucking plants.

Jun 04

“Moon Attracts All” by ispace Inc.

I’m not sure that this video is call “Moon Attracts All” (actually, not sure is mild, I have no idea at all) but that’s what it’s about. Well, that and a cockroach going to the moon.

The two-minute video begins with a cockroach struggling in a trap, before it surprisingly rises into the night sky, taking the trap with it, all the way up to the surface of the moon.

This video was created by ispace inc., which manages the Japanese “HAKUTO” team in the “Google Lunar XPRIZE” contest aimed at landing a private craft on the moon by 2015. While the video’s content is certainly unconventional, its message is straightforward — that the moon holds an attraction for all kinds of animal species, and in fact the prehistoric cockroach has a far longer connection with the moon than us humans, having been on earth for millions of years.

HAKUTO is the only team from Japan competing in the “Google Lunar XPRIZE”, an international contest to achieve the first landing of a privately operated craft on the surface of the moon.

※Those with a fear of cockroaches should view with caution.
※Those with a weak heart should view with caution.
※The makers of this video are absolved of responsibility for any harm that comes to those who view it.

Jun 04


This is a look at all the nuclear explosions on Earth between 1945 and 1998. It’s kinda long but totally worth it. It’s like watching nations speak to each other.

Isao Hashimoto: “This piece of work is a bird’s eye view of the history by scaling down a month length of time into one second. No letter is used for equal messaging to all viewers without language barrier. The blinking light, sound and the numbers on the world map show when, where and how many experiments each country have conducted. I created this work for the means of an interface to the people who are yet to know of the extremely grave, but present problem of the world.”

Profile of the artist: Isao HASHIMOTO
Born in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan in 1959.
Worked for 17 years in financial industry as a foreign exchange dealer. Studied at Department of Arts, Policy and Management of Musashino Art University, Tokyo.
Currently working for Lalique Museum, Hakone, Japan as a curator.
Created artwork series expressing, in the artist’s view, “the fear and the folly of nuclear weapons”: “1945-1998″ © 2003 “Overkilled” “The Names of Experiments”

May 30

GIFs to Connect Language to Emotion

MIT students are using gifs to map non-verbal human emotions.

Travis Rich and Kevin Hu have channeled animated image sharing through a website called GIFGIF, an ongoing interactive project that presents users with two GIFs at a time and asks them to choose which better expresses one of 17 emotions (happiness, anger, guilt, etc.). The data collection is presented similarly to a game, inviting users to participate as many times as they want by voting on more than 6,000 GIFs sourced from the site Giphy.

The result of the process is a collection of assorted GIFs ranked and scored based on how well they portray one of the 17 emotions.

The MIT pair met each other while working at the same lab space and found similarities in their interest with what Rich refers to as “non-verbal communication.”

“A lot of non-verbal communication happens through GIFs with websites dedicated to that emotional context,” Rich says. “We wanted to build a map of that emotional context.”

Currently GIFGIF has more than 2.5 million votes and the research has already produced some interesting results.

“We found some emotions are strongly correlated, like anger and fear, while others were more loosely correlated, like sadness and happiness,” Rich notes.

They also found that body language better expressed certain emotions. For instance, those featured in GIFs portraying excitement almost all had their arms in the air while those portraying anger commonly featured their arms in a downward motion.

These observations may seem obvious but the implications of such findings suggest that GIFs could even be used to train computer algorithms how to read human emotions through what Rich and Hu call a “text to GIF translator.”

Because GIFGIF assigns and categorizes GIFs based on how well they portray a specific emotion, computer programs can use their emotional content to translate short lines of text, such as a poem or email, into GIFs. The computer may not be able to fully read human emotions but it would be able to at least begin connecting language to emotion.

Rich and Hu are also working on a GIF translator called “Mirror Mirror” that reads human facial expressions. The translator will allow users to search for GIFs based on facial expressions utilizing a facial feature-tracker along with the GIFGIF library.

I like that last idea a lot. Translating text into gifs. I’m pretty sure I want a machine to do that. I can think of a lot of books and poems I’d love to read in gifs. It makes me feel all


on the inside which is better than how I was feeling, which was a lot of

because I’m waiting for a package (new sneakers) to arrive and I think I was happier before I could track these things. I just keep checking the shit. Doesn’t make it come any quicker. Maybe I should just




May 30

Atari Cartridge Glitch – Beat Experiment

Atari Cartridge Glitch – Beat Experiment from Serge Maheu on Vimeo.

May 29

10 Cryptolects

A cryptolect is a secret language meant to exclude people who do not speak it. They’re an important part of humanity’s ceaseless quest to outsmart the po-po’s, known to the marks as the don’t knows.

Listserv has a list (hmm wouldn’t have expected that) of 10 Secret Outlaw Languages. Well worth a read.

May 23

Palindrone: Sound of Drones in Gaza

Palindrone is a work in progress documenting the drone created environment.

palindrone (v1.0) from Mark Simpkins on Vimeo.

Comes via Culture+Conflict with a tip of my imaginary hat to Nat Muller.

About it:

We created a short video about Palindrone. It’s somewhere between an ‘about this project’ video and an artists video.

I was put together so that it could be shown, as part of a video loop of projects not present at the DEAF 2014 Drones: Presentations and Demonstrations event, part of a day long symposium on Drones to be held at the Biennale on Friday 23rd May.

The piece was installed at the offices of Bethanl Green Ventures for a morning where I shot video and stills in one of the meeting rooms. For the video I used the stills from the installation and used a the audio direct from the piece.

The piece is still a work in development. We are still trying to get in touch with the people who posted the original recordings of the drones in Gaza that we have used as the basis of the piece as we would like to talk to them, and others who have experienced being in such environments more as we develop the piece.

This video is a first opportunity for many to hear what kind of environment we are trying to create / convey in the piece.


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