Ryan OakleyThe human portion of Ryan Oakley was born in the underground ruins of Camp X and was recently shipped to California where it was purposely infested with The Whispering Alien Parasites. (SUSPECT AN UNDISCLOSED SWARMING AVIAN OVERMIND.) Its 2011 cult novel, Technicolor Ultra Mall, was shortlisted for both the Aurora and The Sunburst Awards. Its short fiction has appeared in Tesseracts 16, Space Squid and Neometropolis. Its writing has been called “hellish, brilliant, stellar and profane.” It tweets as @thegrumpyowl We are attempting an information transaction with humans. We are failing.

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Today’s Bulletin

The Smooth Talking Optics Man appeared in displays of liquid-crystals during Monday Night Prime Time to incite a riot. He assured The Public that The Public was to blame for The Public’s continued belief that the murder of an unarmed member of The Public by a well-armed member of Control Force was a criminal injustice rather …

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EARLY INDICATORS INDICATE: This operation appears to be a success. The Comet has been boarded. A portion of the body of An Unknown God has been discovered in the ruins of Ancient Rome. CONFIRMED: The portion of An Unknown God has astral symbols and was unearthed on what the humans are referring to as “A Turkish …

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