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Ryan Oakley is a Canadian born author of speculative fiction who currently lives in California. His 2011 cult novel, Technicolor Ultra Mall, was shortlisted for both the Aurora and The Sunburst Awards. His short fiction has appeared in Tesseracts 16, Space Squid and Neometropolis, where it placed second in their HUMAN v2.0 contest. His writing has been called “hellish, brilliant, stellar and profane.” He tweets as @thegrumpyowl

Plonked Spectral Video from the “RiSP-CD” 2012

Plonked Spectral Video from the “RiSP-CD” 2012 from Richard Devine on Vimeo. RISP is Richard Devine’s algorithm-based exploration of generative time structures for analog synths. If you missed limited vinyl boarding pass worry not — gain 3 additional original richard devine compositions plus five remixes by Loops Haunt, Vaetxh, Subjex, Valance Drakes & Balkansky with …

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List of Ferguson Twitter Lists and Streams

Just a collection of lists to help you follow the news in Ferguson. (Clicking on them will take you to the list.) It’s not comprehensive, obviously, but it’s something. I’m going to keep updating this post instead of adding new ones as new streams and lists come in. FergusonJurnos A public list by Kim Moore A …

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